Dog Bed Hammock (Large)

Dog Bed Hammock (Large)

Dog Bed Hammock Replacement (Medium)

Dog Bed Hammock Replacement (Medium)

Dog Bed Hammock (Extra Large)

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A truly king-size hammock for the biggest breeds in town! Great Danes and Wolfhounds will finally be able to stretch out in comfort on a hammock built especially for giant breeds.

You know that your dog is no Yorkie or Chihuahua, so why treat him like one? Not every hammock is built to support the size and weight of a giant breed, but we’ve sourced one made just for man’s biggest friends. You wouldn’t sleep in a bed that was too small for you, now your dog doesn’t have to either!

The manufacturers have gone out of their way to consider the needs of big dogs, who require an elevated bed to avoid damaging their joints. This hammock style bed is perfect to support your dog’s entire body, and prevent the formation of ulcers and other nasties that can develop if your dog sleeps too near the ground, a dog kennel offers the same protection as well.

Big dogs have lots of fur but the manufacturers have thought of that, too! The cover is laminated, so all you have to do is brush away excess debris, or easily remove the cover and shake it out. You can even wash this cover separately which will help to ensure it’s always spic and span.

The laminated cover also helps to lock out moisture, which prevents rot and mould build-up.

So make sure you purchase this huge hammock for your humongous hound!

Key tip: Just as an elevated bed will help your large dog sleep better, an elevated bowl will help make him more comfortable as he eats and drinks. Eating from a bowl flat on the ground might suit smaller breeds, but it’s no easy feat for a dog almost as tall as you are!

Material: Weatherproof Oxford 600D

Animal Capacity:
This dog hammock can comfortably accommodate1-2 large-sized dogs (i.e. Labrador, German Shepherd)

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 130cm x 20cm x 110cm
Width: 130cm
Height: 20cm
Length: 110cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Trampoline Dog Bed

Capacity Name DOGS
capacity 2
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