Timber Dog Kennel (Extra Large)

Timber Dog Kennel (Extra Large)

Dog Bed Hammock (Large)

Dog Bed Hammock (Large)

Dog Bed Hammock (Medium)

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There’s nothing quite like a sitting in a hammock on a warm summer day. Now you can get your pet in on the action with this medium-sized dog bed hammock. More than just a comfy bed for your dog, you’ll find this model is perfect for supporting pets with arthritic joints or long limbs.

Made from laminated tarp, all our available dog beds online will stand up to rain, muddy paws and everything in between. Specially designed with double stitching and a reinforced weave you’ll have no problem removing the hammock cover and washing as needed. Just brush away any excess dirt and stick the cover into the washing machine – your pet’s bed will be clean in no time. Unlike fleece or blankets, which can attract mould and parasites, the dog hammock stays clean and dry with ease.

Place your dog bed hammock in a partially shaded area and let your pet relax the day away. This bed is designed to last a lifetime, but you should always keep a spare hammock cover on hand to promote good hygiene.

Key tip: If your dog is showing signs of stiffness, it may be time to go to the vet and start him on a joint supplement. Using a dietary additive like glucosamine and chonrodoitin is a safe, gentle way to maintain your dog’s joint health and prevent further deterioration. Coupled with light exercise and this cosy, elevated bed, you’ll be able to preserve your pet’s mobility for years to come.

Animal Capacity:
This dog hammock can comfortably accommodate1-2 medium-sized dogs (i.e. Staffies, Blue Heelers)

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 86cm x 18cm x 61cm
Width: 85cm
Height: 19cm
Length: 61cm

Hammock Bed Size: 67cm x 66cm
Width: 67cm
Length: 66cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Trampoline Dog Bed
1 x Carrying Bag

Capacity Name DOGS
capacity 2
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