Portable Travel Dog Carrier (Extra Large) - Blue

Portable Travel Dog Carrier (Extra Large) - Blue

Lounge Dog Steps (Medium)

Lounge Dog Steps (Medium)

Portable Travel Dog Carrier (Extra Large) - Red

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What owner doesn’t wish they could bring their dog everywhere with them? It seems like man’s best friend can go more and more places these days, including to the beach, on vacation, to shows and, of course, the vet. Make sure your pet travels in luxury with our extra large portable designer dog beds and carriers in vibrant red. Whether you need to transport a litter of puppies or an adult spaniel, this unit will help you move your pets safely and comfortably.

This soft polyester carrier is ideal for keeping your pets at ease on the go. Featuring five funky mesh windows, you can be sure your pets have constant stream of fresh air no matter where you go. This unit also includes a base cushion so your dog can arrive at his destination rested and refreshed. Stash treats in the side pocket or line the base with a few blankets – your pet will have plenty of space to stretch his legs.

No matter if the weather is dry or rainy, this carrier will keep dogs safe from the elements. Featuring a sturdy metal frame and water-resistant design, you can have confidence that your pet will be protected from harm and unpleasant sensations in this crate.

When your journey is over, simply place the carrier into your washing machine for a full clean. Collapse the sides and stow away easily with minimal fuss. Or, you can use this carrier as a kennel at home! Just leave the front entryway open and your pet will be able to use his crate as a private sanctuary.

Key tip: Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety? Try leaving the radio or television on when you’re not at home. Work towards reducing your dog’s anxiety by remaining calm and consistent in showing your disapproval of his behaviours - never offer treats or praise after a show of inappropriate or destructive behaviour from your dog.

Animal Capacity : This large carrier can comfortably hold 2 medium-sized dogs or multiple small dogs.

Warranty : 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 67cm x 68cm x 101cm
Width: 67cm
Height: 68cm
Length: 101cm

Top Door Size: 35cm x 70cm
Width: 35cm
Length: 70cm

Front Door Size: 43cm x 48cm
Width: 43cm
Height: 48cm

Folded Size: 72cm x 15cm x 102cm
Width: 72cm
Height: 15cm
Length: 102cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 6.7 kg

Carton Size: 75cm x 103cm x 9cm
Length: 75cm
Width: 103cm
Height: 9cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Soft Dog Crate
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name DOGS
capacity 2
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