Dog Kennel with Bin and Bowls (Extra Large)

Dog Kennel with Bin and Bowls (Extra Large)

Dog Kennel with Bed Porch Deck

Dog Kennel with Bed Porch Deck

Rectangle Dog Cage (Small)

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Our Rectangle Dog Cage (Small) is designed for your pet's comfort and safety on one hand and for your convenience and peace of mind on the other hand. You are, indeed, making the right choice in accessories for your beloved pet!

Your pet will enjoy the spacious area coupled with the superior air circulation and ventilation provided by the open wire design of the cage. Keep in mind that these qualities are important in ensuring that your pet will be comfortable even when inside the enclosure for prolonged periods, such as when traveling. Your peace of mind about its welfare is priceless.

The cage has compact dimensions, thus, making it easy to stow in vehicles or store in small spaces. Fold it down for easy storage when it is not in use although you will likely find many uses for it on a daily basis, such as keeping your pet in a safe area after an operation, after giving birth, and during home visits.

With its rust-resistant, powder-coated wire material, you are assured of the cage's durability. You also have the assurance of your pet staying inside the cage, thanks to the safety bolt, while the three doors on the front and side means convenient access whenever you want to remove from or put in your pet in it. You can ensure your pet's clean environment, too, because of the removable plastic tray underneath the cage.

Key Tip:Make the cage as comfortable as possible for your dog so that it will want to stay within its confines for as long as necessary. Add a few toys, a blanket, and perhaps a treat.

Animal Capacity:
1 Medium Sized Dog

Metal Material:
Durable rust-resistant wire in black powder-coated finish

12 Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 76cm x 53cm x 59cm
Length: 76cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 59cm

Crate Dimension: 76cm(L) x 53cm(W) x 59cm(H)

Front Door Dimension:34(W) x 34.5cm(H)

Side Door Dimension: 33cm(W) x 38.5cm(H)

Top Door Dimension: 33cm(W) x 34cm(H)

Price Inclusion

1 x Dog Cage

Capacity Name DOG
capacity 1
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