Timber Dog Kennel (Large)

Timber Dog Kennel (Large)

Dog Bed Hammock (Medium)

Dog Bed Hammock (Medium)

Timber Dog Kennel (Extra Large)

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Our timber dog kennels make the perfect home for your pets and this kennel is great for an extra large dog. Made from high quality wood and a protective green asphalt roof, this doghouse will look simply lovely in your backyard or on a large plot of land. Providing shelter for your large dog is extremely important, especially during the summer and winter months. Read on to find out how this doghouse is specially designed to keep your dog comfortable in all weather conditions.

First and foremost, this kennel benefits from a suspended design – the floor of the doghouse is well off the ground, meaning that your giant breed will face less strain as he steps in and out of the structure. The elevated design also allows for better ventilation and climate control, preventing mould and rot from seeping in and harming your pet. This kennel also features a clever lifting roof, making it easy to keep the unit clean with just a few blasts from a hose. The off-centre entryway gives your pet the full benefit of protection from gusts and draughts - he’ll just love cuddling up inside during poor weather. You can also use this unit as an outdoor home for several smaller dogs. The sturdy timber frame will stand up to wear and tear from the environment and your pets!

Key tip: Be sure to teach your pet simple tricks like sit, stay and come. More than just a way to impress your friends, you’ll find these commands are invaluable when it comes to controlling your dog whilst he’s out and about. Refresh your pet’s obedience training frequently!

Animal Capacity: This dog kennel can comfortably accommodate 1 giant dog (Great Dane, Mastiff)

Warranty : 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 123cm x 81cm x 82.5cm
Width: 123cm
Height: 82.5cm
Length: 81cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Size: 127cm x 82cm x 18.5cm

Length: 127cm
Width: 82cm
Height: 18.5cm



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1 x Timber Dog Kennel
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