Triangle Guinea Pig Hutch and Run (Medium)

Triangle Guinea Pig Hutch and Run (Medium)

Double Storey Guinea Pig Hutch with Ramp (Medium)

Double Storey Guinea Pig Hutch with Ramp (Medium)

Double Storey Guinea Pig Hutch (Medium)

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CAPACITY: 4 Guinea Pigs
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When choosing a guinea pig cage, it should be made of safe and escape-proof materials with a latching lid or door but without wire mesh flooring. It should also have an activity, which this double storey guinea pig hutch can offer.

The first floor of this hatch serves as the play area, which the guinea pigs can access through a ramp, descending from the cosy bedroom on the second floor. The play area, however, is safely enclosed with mesh wire so your pets can play without fear of being exposed to predators or escaping from their home. Guinea pigs may not be the best climbers or the most agile pet there is, but they still need a place to explore and play.

Since the hutch does not have wire mesh flooring, this should keep your pets from suffering from a condition called bumblefoot, caused by wire flooring that hurts your pets’ sensitive feet.

The bedroom is cosy enough for them to rest in once they’re done playing on the first floor. Since half of the room is dark enough for them to stay in, you might not need to put in boxes or pipes for them to hide in, since like most wild animals, they love to hide.

The hutch is also anti-termite, waterproof, eco-friendly, and insulated by its green asphalt roof.

Key tip: Put the guinea pig cage in a quiet area. Choose a spot that does not get hit by direct sunlight. Room temperature should be between 65° F and 75° F. It would be safer to put them indoors since exposure to temperatures below 50° or over 80° can be harmful to them. Choose a well-ventilated area for them, too!

Animal Capacity:
This medium double-storey hutch can house 4 to 5 guinea pigs.

12 Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 92cm x 45cm x 86cm
Length: 92cm
Width: 45cm
Height: 86cm

Sleeping Hutch Size: 92cm x 45.5cm
Length: 92cm
Width: 45.5cm

Run Size: 33.5cm x 31cm x 36.5cm
Length: 33.5cm
Width: 31cm
Height: 36.5cm

Wire Space Size: 22mm

Cartons: 1 Carton

Carton Weight: 17.3kg

Carton Size: 96cm x 47cm x 21cm
Length: 96cm
Width: 47cm
Height: 21cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Guinea Pig Hutch
1 x Assembly Guide

Capacity Name Guinea Pigs
capacity 4
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