Rectangle Ferret Cage (Small)

Rectangle Ferret Cage (Small)

Triangle Ferret Hutch and Run (Medium)

Triangle Ferret Hutch and Run (Medium)

Ferret Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Medium)

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Ferrets are among the most active and intelligent exotic pets in Australia as well as elsewhere in the world. These pets should be kept indoors most of the time because of their high risks for canine distemper, heartworm disease and rabies as well as heatstroke with their safest temperature being 65°-68°F.

Our Ferret Wire Pen is the perfect solution for providing your ferrets with room to play and rest as well as a safe and secure room of their own!You can set up the pen indoors and outdoors within minutes and in many configurations, such as a large rectangle pen or an octagonal pen. Your active pets will then have a spacious yet safe and secure area to play their favorite games (e.g., hide and seek, tunneling) while you can rest easy that they are not getting underfoot.

The eight panels can easily be taken apart for transportation and storage purposes and then just as quickly be re-assembled with no tools required. The latching system ensures that your pets stay inside the pen since their nimble hands cannot open the bolts. The strong steel frames can withstand their rough play and, indeed, ferrets can horse play.

You can also rest easy as the pen has rounded edges. Even active ferrets will not run the risk of being caught in the pen's sharp edges because there are none.

Key tip:Add accessories inside the cage, such as toys, but avoid overfilling it with items. Choose just a few fun toys, place them around the cage, and let your ferrets discover them. Rotate the toy selection, too.

Animal Capacity:
Two to three ferrets

Metal Material:
Strong steel frames

12 Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 155cm x 61cm x 76cm
Length: 155cm
Width: 61cm
Height: 76cm

Panel Size: 76cm x 61cm
Length: 76cm
Width: 61cm

Wire Space Size: 4cm

Cartons: 1 Carton

Carton Weight: 8.8kg

Carton Size: 77cm x 64cm x 5.5cm
Length: 77cm
Width: 64cm
Height: 5.5cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Ferret Playpen

Capacity Name FERRETS
capacity 3
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