Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Large) - Red

Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Large) - Red

Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Extra Large) - Red

Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Extra Large) - Red

Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Extra Large) - Blue

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Travelling with multiple ferrets may seem like a daunting task, but with this extra large carrier you’ll have plenty of space for all your pets and anything else you need!

Designed with your convenience in mind, this safe, durable carrier is made from polyester supported by a metal frame. The water resistant exterior will protect pets on the go, keeping them cosy and secure no matter where they need to go.

Easy grip hand straps allow you to carry your pets in a way that’s comfortable and safe for you.

This extra large pet enclosures carrier has plenty of space for all your pets and accessories. It even includes a spare pouch just for treats and toys.

Five mesh panels ensure your pet always has fresh, breathable air inside his carrier and also allow him to look around at his surroundings.

This carrier is very easy to clean and store. Simply wipe down the inside with a damp cloth and allow to dry, or place the entire carrier into the washing machine. When no longer needed, just collapse the sides and stow away flat!

Key tip: Ferrets that have not been exposed to a particular type or brand of food as babies may not know what to do with it when they’re older! If you need switch your ferret’s diet later in life, try mixing the old food in with the new. You’re less likely to cause digestion problems that way, and your pet is more likely to accept the new diet.

Animal Capacity: This carrier can hold 3 adult ferrets.

Warranty: 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 67cm x 68cm x 101cm
Width: 67cm
Height: 68cm
Length: 101cm

Top Door Size: 35cm x 70cm
Width: 35cm
Length: 70cm

Front Door Size: 43cm x 48cm
Width: 43cm
Height: 48cm

Folded Size: 72cm x 15cm x 102cm
Width: 72cm
Height: 15cm
Length: 102cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 6.7 kg

Carton Size: 75cm x 103cm x 9cm
Length: 75cm
Width: 103cm
Height: 9cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Soft Ferret Crate
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name FERRETS
capacity 3
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