Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Extra Large) - Red

Portable Travel Ferret Carrier (Extra Large) - Red

Ferret Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Medium)

Ferret Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Medium)

Rectangle Ferret Cage (Small)

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Ferrets are active creatures requiring sturdy, spacious and durable enclosures for their own safety and security. This is where the usefulness of the Rectangle Ferret Cage comes in for ferret owners like yourself.

Made from rust-resistant, powder-coated wire material, the cage can withstand the physical activities of two medium-sized ferrets - one, in case of a large ferret. Its wire design provides better ventilation during warm days while its lightweight construction allows its ease of transfer indoors during cool days. It can even be accessorized by a ladder, a hammock and a water bottle for your pet's enjoyment.

Choose from three access doors on the front and sides for ease in placing into or removing out of the case your pet ferret. Just make sure to lock the bolt, which easily latches on but securely locks when in place, to keep your ferret inside the cage.

Cleaning the cage is easy. Aside from pressure washing the cage when necessary, just slide out the tray from underneath it and wash off the accumulated dirt. Your pet ferret will require a clean cage for good health especially as it has high risks for many diseases caused by dirty surroundings.

When not in use, fold down the cage for easy storage while assembly is also as easy as can be, no tools required. You can also easily stow the cage in the trunk of your car when traveling with your pet.

Key tip:Place a wide variety of items in the cage for your pet's physical and mental stimulation. Ferrets like to tunnel and hunt so good choices include toys and bedding.

Animal Capacity:
One to two ferrets

Metal Material:
High-quality, rust-resistant wire with black powder-coated finish

12 Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 76cm x 53cm x 59cm
Length: 76cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 59cm

Crate Dimension: 76cm(L) x 53cm(W) x 59cm(H)

Front Door Dimension:34(W) x 34.5cm(H)

Side Door Dimension: 33cm(W) x 38.5cm(H)

Top Door Dimension: 33cm(W) x 34cm(H)

Price Inclusion

1 x Ferret Cage

Capacity Name FERRETS
capacity 2
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