Two-Tier Ferret Hutch with Double Trays

Two-Tier Ferret Hutch with Double Trays

Black Ferret Cage (Large)

Black Ferret Cage (Large)

Two-Storey Ferret Hutch with Run (Extra Large)

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I know you are searching for something to house your adorable little ferrets. Besides, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. Correct? So let me help you decide.

Considering the size of your pets, finding a hutch could get really daunting. Apart from making sure they won’t fit between the gaps, you also need to consider your budget. That’s not all. You also have to check the overall quality of the product you are about to get so as not to end up regretting your decision.

When situations become mixed up, things could get worse. However, if you only have an ideal ferret hutch in mind in the first place, any distractions could not affect your decision. 

To help you make a wise decision, I suggest you don’t look far. We at Coops and Cages can assist you with your needs. Therefore, if you wish to buy a hutch with a spacious run, then this product could be a great option.

Designed to last, this enclosure features waterproof roof to protect your pets from acquiring diseases brought about by rain. Also, this comes with a detachable tray, making it easy for you to clean their litter. 

Another feature this hutch boasts is the spacious compartment it has on the upper level that is connected to a wide run by a built-in ramp. With this, you will be 100% certain that space will never hinder your pet’s overall comfort. 

Key Tip. Once you have purchased an enclosure for your ferrets, it is time to think where to install it. Regardless of what you get, we highly-recommend you put it somewhere accessible and secure.

  • Constructed only with Excellent-Quality Fir wood
  • Features a Water-Resistant Green Asphalt Roof
  • Has a Roomy Compartment Above
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fixed Ramp
  • Large Enclosed Run for Playing
  • Detachable Iron Drawer

Animal Capacity: 
This ferret hutch can properly accommodate the needs of three to four average-sized ferrets.

12 Months 

More Information

Material: Natural Fir Wood

Overall Size: 150cm x 98cm x 120cm

House Size: 75cm x 98cm x 119 cm

Run Size: 83cm x 98cm x 89cm

Packing Size: 122cm x 67cm x 16.5cm

                        103cm x 17.5cm x  87.5cm 

Note: This is packed in 2 cartons.

Price Inclusion

1 x Ferret Hutch
1 x Assembly Manual

Capacity Name FERRETS
capacity 4
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