Lounge Cat Steps (Medium)

Lounge Cat Steps (Medium)

Rectangle Cat Cage (Small)

Rectangle Cat Cage (Small)

Full Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

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Are you sick and tired of your cats' love for scratching on just about every available surface inside and outside of your home? Fortunately, the Full Cat Scratching Tree (Large) comes to the rescue of both your pockets and sanity!

Keep in mind that cats scratch on surfaces to mark their territory, to tone up their muscles, sharpen their nails, to relieve stress and boredom and even just for the sheer pleasure of it. De-clawing and hitting are not advisable, so your investment in a scratching tree will provide returns, such as happy cats without your home suffering for it.

This cat tree has plenty of features to keep your pets happy. Cats can sharpen their nails on the 3 high-quality sisal poles, which are considered the best wood for the purpose.

When your cats satisfy their scratching itch, they can play with the hanging toy mouse that answers their primitive predator instincts. Between scratching on the poles for pleasure and playing with the toy mouse, your cats will certainly have plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation for most of the day.

After playing, your pets will enjoy resting on the bed cubes, perching areas and cradle, all of which are designed for small cats. Add in the soft plush covered platform and your cats have a luxurious playground to call their own.

With its  colour, you can place the cat scratching tree anywhere in your home since it will blend in with the decor. Just make sure to place the tree in an area where your cats frequently visit, such as sleeping and feeding areas, as well as on a flat, even surface for stability.

Key Tip:Purchasing a scratching tree before your kitten comes home and then make sustained efforts in training them from a young age.

Animal Capacity:
Three to four small cats

12 Months

More Information

Overall Size: 170cm x 61cm x 105cm
Length: 105cm
Width: 61cm
Height: 170cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Accessory Set
1 x User Guide

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 4
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