Two-Tier Guinea Pig Hutch with Double Trays

Two-Tier Guinea Pig Hutch with Double Trays

Guinea Pig Bundle (Bowl, Bathing Powder, Cavy Origins)

Guinea Pig Bundle (Bowl, Bathing Powder, Cavy Origins)

Double-Storey Guinea Pig Hutch w/ Ramp and Cover

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Compared to other pets, guinea pigs are a lot smaller. Even so, they are capable of giving us immeasurable love to their owners.

In exchange of that love, we need to offer them something that will last a lifetime. We all want the best for our cavies, right? That is why I greatly recommend you give them this guinea pig hutch.

Okay, what is with this item? I tell you, there’s a lot! Let’s begin from the top, literally! This hutch’s roof is made of green asphalt for water-resistance. Its body is then treated with non-toxic materials so as to resist damage brought about by the changing seasons.

On the inside of this hutch, you will notice that it has a ramp with plastic railings on the sides. This feature is unique among others as this is designed for added safety. On the bedroom, you will also see that the floor is coated with heavy-duty vinyl, which makes it great for the feet of your cavies.

Here’s a special treat. If you purchase now, you will get an additional cover, which costs around 20 dollars in most pet stores. Great offer, huh?

Key Tip. When buying a hutch for your guinea pigs, do not just settle for something that is very cheap or one that is on sale. Of course, you need to check the quality as well. I assume you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money over something that is not durable and of poor-quality.

  • Built using Excellent-Quality Kiln Dried Fir Wood
  • Quick to Assemble
  • Plastic Ramp Handrails
  • Water-Resistant Green Asphalt Roof
  • Treated with Non-Toxic Coating
  • Bedroom Floor Coated with Heavy Duty Vinyl 

Animal Capacity: 
This hutch perfectly suits 3 guinea pigs.

12 Months 

More Information

Material: Fir Wood

Overall Size: 150cm x 86cm x 120cm

Box 1: 130cm x 58cm x 21cm

Weight: 21 kilos

Box 2: 78cm x 60cm x 17cm

Weight: 13 kilos

Price Inclusion

1 x Guinea Pig
1 x Assembly Manual

Capacity Name GUINEA PIGS
capacity 3
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