Guinea Pig Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Small)

Guinea Pig Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Small)

Guinea Pig Cage (Large)

Guinea Pig Cage (Large)

Guinea Pig Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Large)

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Guinea pigs need to be able to exercise and play to stay happy. With our strong and cheap guinea pig cages, you’ll be able to let your pets frolic to their heart’s content in or outdoors.

Whether you have a huge lawn or a small room in which your guinea pigs can play, you’ll find this 8-panel multi-configuration unit can be made to suit any space. Bend it into a rectangular shape for corners or round out the corners into a circle: your pets will have plenty of space to play and run in safety.

This unit comes with a door to the front that bolts closed when shut, making it easy for you to secure your pets as needed. The open top roof also ensures you can access your cavies easily and without frightening them.

No tools are required to assemble or conveniently collapse this unit, which can be folded flat to take on the go or stow away.

Use this pen in or outside your home to keep your pets safe anywhere. It’s excellent for use in conjunction with a large hutch or metal cage, both of which you can find for sale on this site!

Key tip: Keeping guinea pigs together is a great way to encourage exercise and activity. These sociable animals love to play with others of their kind, and you should always try to keep multiple guinea pigs at a time. Each pig should have 45 x 45 cm of space inside their permanent home, or access to a playpen like the one in this listing!

Animal Capacity:
This pen can safely hold up to 6 active guinea pigs.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 61cm x 91cm x 155cm
Width: 61cm
Height: 91cm
Length: 155cm

Panel Size: 62cm x 91cm (8 panels per pen)
Width: 62cm
Height: 91cm

Gap Between Wire: 40 mm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 11kg

Carton Size: 92cm x 6cm x 63cm
Length: 92cm
Width: 6cm
Height: 63cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Guinea Pig Playpen
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name GUINEA PIGS
capacity 6+
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