Rabbit Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Large)

Rabbit Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run (Medium)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run (Medium)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Nest Box (Large)

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Your rabbit’s cage is his home: give him a luxurious, safe hideaway by purchasing this double story rabbit hutch for sale with nest/burrowing box.

Whether your rabbits are kept in a shed or your home, they need a comfortable hutch to stay healthy and happy. This double story hutch has been specially designed for both in and outdoor use, featuring an asphalt roof, ventilation window and large access door for playtime. Pair this hutch with one of our 8-panel pens to give your rabbits plenty of space to run around!

Made from sturdy fir wood, this hutch is both practical and attractive. The elevated design will keep your pets safe from damp and cold air yet well ventilated in the summertime.

Inside the unit you’ll find three ledges on which your rabbits can play, plus a large nesting box with an open-top roof. Add bedding and hay so your rabbits can graze and relax all day long.

Cleaning this hutch is a snap. Just slide out the base tray for a quick tidy up, or lift the roof and hose the entire unit down.

No matter where you choose to keep your rabbits, this hutch will be a stylish complement to your home. Designed to seamlessly blend with your décor, this unit adds a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Key tip: Rabbits should not be housed with other species like guinea pigs. Though they may appear to get along, rabbits are capable of causing serious damage with their hind legs. If you must introduce animals of different species, always do so in a carefully supervised environment.

Animal Capacity:
This hutch can accommodate 2-3 playful medium rabbits

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 137cm x 100cm x 88cm
Width: 137cm
Height: 100cm
Length: 88cm

Gap Between Wire: 13.5 mm

Cartons: 2 Cartons

Carton Weight: 38 kg

Carton Size: 97cm x 97cm x 23cm
Length: 97cm
Width: 97cm
Height: 23cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Rabbit Hutch
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 3
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