Double Storey Rabbit Hutch w/ Feeder (Medium)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch w/ Feeder (Medium)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Ramp (Medium)

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This two-storey rabbit hutch is made of Fir wood, which also makes for a great visual presentation. It has a bedroom that has a fully-enclosed half and a mesh-wire enclosed other half. The rest of the hutch serves as the rabbits’ play area, where they can stand, run, graze or do whatever they like while in the safety of the enclosed area. Its contoured edges, you don’t need to worry about your pets hurting themselves as they bump into corners.

There is a ramp connecting the bedroom and the play area, although you can remove it if you want to give your rabbits more space to move around in when they are playing. And no matter how they dig, scratch or chew on the mesh wire enclosing the area, you can feel secure that they won’t be able to damage it and escape.

When it comes to cleaning the rabbit hutch, the slide-out trays would be a huge help. You can simply put them at the bottom of the cage and take them out once you see rabbit droppings on them to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your pets.

If you are concerned about durability, the materials used in this hutch are not only eco-friendly. They are also waterproof and anti-termite.

There is a large door in the play area, a small door in the play area extension under the bedroom, and another small door in the bedroom. This means access to your pets is quite easy.

Key tip:Make sure to put a litter box, lots of hay, a water bottle, and toys in the hutch. Encourage your pets to play as much as they would like to prevent them from growing bored and obese.

Animal Capacity:
This medium-sized rabbit hutch will house three to four rabbits.

12 Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 138cm x 49cm x 85cm
Length: 138cm
Width: 49cm
Height: 85cm

Sleeping Hutch Size: 70cm x 49cm x 61cm
Length: 70cm
Width: 49cm
Height: 61cm

Run Size: 138cm x 44cm x 60.5cm
Length: 138cm
Width: 44cm
Height: 60.5cm

Wire Space Size: 22mm

Cartons: 1 Carton

Carton Weight: 21kg

Carton Size: 86cm x 73.5cm x 20cm
Length: 86cm
Width: 73.5cm
Height: 20cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Rabbit Hutch
1 x Assembly Manual

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 3
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