Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Nest Box (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Nest Box (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run (Medium)

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This compact double story hutch gives your rabbits secure relaxation space and an enclosed external pen in which to run around! Perfect for use in and outside the home, this is a great unit for a small family of bunnies.

Made from sturdy fir wood and durable mesh wiring, your rabbit will be pampered with plenty of space to stretch his legs. The upper hutch is linked to the external pen via a foldable ramp, meaning your rabbit can go between the warm, snug sleeping area and the play space with ease.

The upper hutch portion of the enclosure comes with two access doors to the front of the unit, along with the lift-up roof, making it easy for you to interact with your rabbits whenever you desire. Each opening closes securely by latch, so you can rest easy knowing your rabbit is safe and sound whilst you’re not around.

The double story rabbit hutch features a classic design that will look great in any area of your home. You’ll find it easy to transport, and assembly takes only a few minutes.

To clean your rabbit hutch, simply lift the roof of the unit and wash away any residue. You’ll find it a snap to tidy your rabbit’s hutch each day with this easy-access design.

Key tip: Good bedding materials include straw, hay, maple and oak shavings or even shredded cloth. Avoid using sawdust or pine shavings in your rabbit’s hutch as they can cause respiratory problems. Be sure to clean the bedding at regular intervals to prevent strong odours and poor hygiene.

Animal Capacity:
This hutch is suited to house 2-3 small or medium rabbits.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 93cm x 94cm x 96cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 94cm
Length: 96cm

Sleeping Hutch Size: 29cm x 41.5cm x 45cm
Width: 29cm
Height: 41.5cm
Length: 45cm

Indoor Second Area Size: 48cm x 41.5cm x 45cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 41.5cm
Length: 45cm

Ground Area Size: 93cm x 50cm x 96cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 50cm
Length: 96cm

Gap Between Wire: 22 mm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 23.5 kg

Carton Size: 103cm x 51cm x 25cm
Length: 103cm
Width: 51cm
Height: 25cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Rabbit Hutch
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 3
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