Walk-In Rabbit Hutch with Nest Box (Large)

Walk-In Rabbit Hutch with Nest Box (Large)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch (Portable)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch (Portable)

Double Storey Rabbit Hutch (Medium)

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For the space-conscious rabbit owner, we offer lovely double story rabbit hutches with integrated run. Made from fir wood and ultra-durable mesh wire, this unit is the perfect choice for any small furry enthusiast that wants to keep their pets happy and active.

Complete with a green asphalt roof, you’ll find this hutch is ideal for use both in and outside the home. Your bunnies will be safe from excess heat, wind and rain in within the safe confines of this unit.

The wooden hutch portion benefits from a divided living space, with one half bordered by a mesh gate and the other half fully enclosed for optimal relaxation. You’ll be able to easily access your pets by lifting the roof or opening the front entry door.

Down the ramp and into the enclosure, your pets will be able to play in safety. Let your bunnies nibble on bits of grass in your garden or place the hutch on top of an indoor tray – either way, you’ll find this unit is extremely versatile and fun for any rabbit!

This hutch is shipped flat for reduced postal costs. It will arrive at your home with a full instruction manual that will demonstrate how to assemble the hutch in minutes. Once you do, you’ll have a compact enclosure that will last a lifetime!

Key tip: Though they may beg, avoid giving your rabbits treats with a lot of sugar or salt as these can disrupt their delicate digestive tract. Instead, offer alfalfa or pellets with the occasional dandelion.

Animal Capacity:
This hutch can accommodate 2 medium-sized rabbit residents.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 1000(W)*530(D)*1050(H)mm

Length: 53cm
Width: 100cm
Height: 105cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 20.65 kg

Carton Size: 1050*625*180mm

Length: 62.5cm
Width: 105cm
Height: 18cm


Price Inclusion

1 x Rabbit Hutch
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 2
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