Rabbit Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Large)

Rabbit Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Large)

Rabbit Wire Pen – 8 Panels (Small)

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Rabbits make excellent pets, especially for families that are unable to make the commitment to a cat or dog. Any rabbit enthusiast knows how much these adorable creatures love the outdoors. Unlike their larger counterparts, rabbits are extremely vulnerable to predators and health threats – that’s why you need a safe rabbit cage like this one to keep your pets secure.

Made from super durable steel, this multi-configuration unit is perfect for securing multiple rabbits. Shift the sides of the pen in a circular or rectangular shape; you’ll find this unit will easily suit any area of your home or garden.

This wire pen features a latching door system that makes it easy for you to let your rabbits move in and out of the enclosure, but impossible for predators to break in. Place the unit on grass, a patio or even on carpeting inside your home - your pets will be able to hop and explore in perfect safety.

You’ll find this pen is easy to store and clean: simply it fold the sides and stow it away at the end of the day when no longer required. No tools are needed for assembly.

Key tip: Rabbits have evolved to survive off a diet of low quality fibre, and so it is important that they have a good supply of grasses to chew and nibble on throughout the day. Certain fruit and vegetables are acceptable to give as treats, but be sure to avoid overfeeding these items to rabbits, as they can be high in sugar and cause digestive issues.

Animal Capacity:
This pen can accommodate 2-3 playful rabbits

Warranty :
12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Pen Size: 155cm x 60cm x 155cm
Width: 155cm
Height: 60cm
Length: 155cm

Panel Size: 62cm x 60cm (8 panels per pen)
Width: 62cm
Height: 60cm

Gap Between Wire: 40 mm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 7.85 kg

Carton Size: 64cm x 63cm x 7cm
Length: 64cm
Width: 63cm
Height: 7cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Rabbit Playpen
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 3
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