Two-Tier Rabbit Hutch with Double Trays

Two-Tier Rabbit Hutch with Double Trays

Double-Storey Rabbit Hutch w/ Ramp

Double-Storey Rabbit Hutch w/ Ramp

Two-Storey Rabbit Hutch with Run (Extra Large)

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As a rabbit owner, I completely understand how daunting raising rabbits can be.  Not only will you need to give them water and food on a daily basis, you also have to provide them a space they can call their own.

But then again, your job does not just end in choosing a certain rabbit hutch that you like for them. Of course, you need to be very careful with your decisions as one wrong move and you will end up affecting the lives of your bunnies. And you don’t want that to happen, don’t you?

Therefore, I greatly suggest you get a sturdy, spacious, and reliable rabbit hutch like this one. Since this is constructed with natural Fir wood, durability is something you can never really question. Also, with an overall run size of 83cm x 98cm x 89cm, for sure your herd will have enough space to run around back and forth all they want.

Here are some other things that make this hutch more amazing. It has a built-in ramp that allows your bunnies to move up or go down anytime they want, an iron drawer that makes cleaning simpler and easier, and a spacious compartment on the upper level for relaxation. 

Key Tip. When choosing a hutch, I know there are plenty of bargains out there, which you can definitely take advantage of. But I tell you, do not ever be deceived by such advertisements. There are reasons behind those low prices. You don’t want to find yourself sacrificing quality over something that comes too cheap.

  • Made of natural Fir wood
  • Features a Waterproof Green Asphalt Roof
  • Water-Resistant
  • Has a Wide Compartment Above
  • Built-in Ramp
  • Spacious Run for Recreation
  • Removable Iron Drawer
  • Easy to Clean

Animal Capacity: 
This rabbit hutch can comfortably house three to four average-sized rabbits.

12 Months 

More Information

Material: Natural Fir Wood

Overall Size: 150cm x 98cm x 120cm

House Size: 75cm x 98cm x 119 cm

Run Size: 83cm x 98cm x 89cm

Packing Size: 122cm x 67cm x 16.5cm

                        103cm x 17.5cm x  87.5cm 

Note: This is packed in 2 cartons.

Price Inclusion

1 x Rabbit Hutch
1 x Assembly Manual

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 3
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