Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Medium)

Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Medium)

Walk-In Rat Cage with Nest Box (Large)

Walk-In Rat Cage with Nest Box (Large)

Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Large)

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Rats are very sensitive to temperature changes; therefore if you wish to keep your pets in a shed or garage, you must choose rat enclosures that protect them from the elements. Amongst its many benefits, our large double story rat cage provides unbeatable protection from all weather conditions, including excess heat, rain and wind. This unit is specially designed to offer good ventilation and protection from cold bursts.

Your rats will love the freedom this cage affords them. Let down the ramp so they can go from the enclosed sleeping space into the play run, which you can fill with toys and treats so your pets can enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors without the hazards. Sleepy or chilly rats can go back into the first floor, where they’ll find enclosed rest and living spaces. Try adding bedding to these portions to keep your rats extra cosy!

This unit also features a sturdy pullout tray and two access points – perfect for cleaning and letting your rats in or out in a pinch. The fir wood house and metal mesh fencing provide durable protection, keeping your pets safe in any season. This unit would be perfect for a pregnant rat or a large rat family!

Key tip: Keep a thermometer in your shed and try to keep the temperature around 21 degrees. If the weather is forecast to go substantially higher or lower than room temperature, be sure you place your pets in a climate controlled area where they’ll be safe.

Animal Capacity:
This integrated cage can comfortably accommodate 5+ medium-sized rats.

Warranty :
12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 85cm x 100cm x 151cm
Width: 85cm
Height: 101cm
Length: 150cm


Price Inclusion

1 x Rat Cage
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RATS
capacity 5
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