Rat Cage (Large)

Rat Cage (Large)

Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Large)

Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Large)

Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Medium)

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Feeling guilty about spending most of the day away from your rats? With our double storey rat enclosure, you no longer have to – this unit is the perfect mix of cosy nest and fun playpen for your beloved pets.

Featuring a sturdy blend of fir wood and mesh wire, this medium-sized rat enclosure is the perfect hideaway, cleverly integrating an upper living space with ground-floor access. The green asphalt roof will protect your rats through the summer, preventing excess sunlight from penetrating the living spaces and keeping draughts at bay, whilst the wired portions will allow good ventilation.

Rats have a natural instinct to nestle away in privacy when they sleep, and this unit indulges their behaviour with its specially designed sleeping quarters. There is also an enclosed living area in which your rats can eat and drink to their heart’s content. Down the ramp and into the run, your rats will have the feeling of freedom without the safety risks. Fill the run with toys and tunnels to give your pets plenty to see and do.

All portions of this unit are easy to clean: when it’s time to move your rats, simply draw up the ramp and open the roof for easy access to the living space. You can also access your rats via two doors on the second floor of the enclosure.

Key tip: Until you have built up a good relationship with your rat, always try to entice them to come to you rather than attempting to catch them.As prey animals, rats will always be wary of larger creatures until trust has been earned.

Animal Capacity:
This integrated cage can comfortably accommodateup to 2-3 adult rats.

Warranty :
12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 93cm x 94cm x 96cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 94cm
Length: 96cm

Sleeping Hutch Size: 29cm x 41.5cm x 45cm
Width: 29cm
Height: 41.5cm
Length: 45cm

Indoor Second Area Size: 48cm x 41.5cm x 45cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 41.5cm
Length: 45cm

Ground Area Size: 93cm x 50cm x 96cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 50cm
Length: 96cm

Gap Between Wire: 22 mm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 23.5 kg

Carton Size: 103cm x 51cm x 25cm
Length: 103cm
Width: 51cm
Height: 25cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Rat Cage
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RATS
capacity 3
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