Double Storey Rat Cage (Portable)

Double Storey Rat Cage (Portable)

Complete Double Storey Rat Cage (Large)

Complete Double Storey Rat Cage (Large)

Rectangle Rat Cage (Small)

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This rat cage may be smaller than the other rat cages that we carry, but it can still accommodate two rats. It is important that you put at least two of them together because rats are very social animals. They have more chances of living longer and happier lives if they interact with other rats. This cage is big enough to house two of them. Rats with a bigger living space tend to be less aggressive towards other cats and people.

The cage has three doors at the front and side that will allow you to take your animals in and out, especially during cleaning time. The metals surrounding the cage are black powder-coated. They are also rust resistant so they are likely durable. Even when they are gnawed at by your pets, they would still be safe by not ingesting any dangerous chemical.

The wire construction will also give your pets proper ventilation, keeping your pets happy and healthy. They can see whatever is outside and you can see whatever they are doing. It can be a good way to relax as you watch them go about their day in their secure cage.

Cleaning time isn’t messy as well if you only need to remove the plastic tray from the main cage.

If you plan on travelling with your pets, you can easily do so because the rat cage is portable and foldable, so it can fit in your car or store it if you don’t need it.

The rat cage is secured by bolt latches that will surely keep your rats from escaping and predators from getting in.

Key tip: Put the rat cage in a draft-free, shady place. Put hammocks and toys in their cage to stimulate and encourage them to climb as a workout.

Animal Capacity:
This small rat cage will house 2 rats.

12 Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 76cm x 53cm x 59cm
Length: 76cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 59cm

Crate Dimension: 76cm(L) x 53cm(W) x 59cm(H)

Front Door Dimension:34(W) x 34.5cm(H)

Side Door Dimension: 33cm(W) x 38.5cm(H)

Top Door Dimension: 33cm(W) x 34cm(H)

Price Inclusion

1 x Rat Cage

Capacity Name Rats
capacity 2
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