Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Large)

Double Storey Rat Cage with Run (Large)

Double Storey Rat Cage (Medium)

Double Storey Rat Cage (Medium)

Walk-In Rat Cage with Nest Box (Large)

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This is the perfect rat cage for your shed or garden, complete with generous living and play spaces. Made from sturdy fir wood, this huge cage offers your pets plenty of space to run around and retire. You can even enter the space yourself via the large walk-in ground floor door! Your rats will love climbing up the ramp and the sides of the mesh walls in perfect safety.

Perfect for rat naps, whilst the other is a secluded hideaway just perfect for shy or pregnant pets. Each room can be divided by the sliding door, and you can access this space at any time by lifting the roof or separate nesting box doors – both of which close securely. You’ll find the living portion of the cage provides exceptional protection from the elements, allowing good ventilation and protection from cold. The nest box has its own green asphalt roof that keeps excess sunlight at bay. To clean your rat pens and homes, simply slide out the removable tray and throw waste away – pet care has never been simpler!

More adventurous rats will love descending the ramp into the run. Add sticks, ladders and hammocks to this portion of the cage to create a ratty paradise that your pets will love. You’ll spend hours watching them interact and enjoy themselves in the comfort and safety of their walk-in cage.

Key tip : Bored rats quickly become very unhappy and ill. Make sure you keep your pets interested in the world around them by offering a variety of new experiences and plenty of bonding time!

Animal Capacity :
This integrated cage and run in one can accommodate 4 adult rats.

Warranty :
12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 60cm x 82cm x 158cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 82cm
Length: 158

Second Floor Size: 56cm x 43cm x 74.5cm
Width: 56cm
Height: 43cm
Length: 74.5cm

Ground Floor Size: 56cm x 89.5cm x 130cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 82cm
Length: 127cm

Gap Between Wire:13.5 mm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 30.5 kg

Carton Size: 130cm x 60cm x 30cm

Length: 130cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 30cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Rat Cage
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name RATS
capacity 4
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