Rectangle Guinea Pig Cage (Large)

Rectangle Guinea Pig Cage (Large)

Rectangle Guinea Pig Cage (Medium)

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Guinea pigs are sweet, docile little pets that love to live in groups. Give your guinea pigs plenty of room to stretch their legs and play by purchasing this well-designed, sturdy cage.

Unlike an aquarium which can be stifling and hold in toxic gasses, this metal powder-coated model will make it easy for your pets to enjoy fresh air throughout the day and night. Your pigs will love to stretch on the bars, and you’ll find it easy to slip them little treats all day long!

Our heavy-duty outdoor and indoor guinea pig cages were designed with your convenience in mind. This cage includes a removable plastic tray, making daily clean up a snap. The powder-coated bars help reduce the incidence of rust, meaning you can give this cage a throughout clean without worrying about damage to the metal.

Open one of two side access doors for easy access to your lovely pets. You’ll find it easy to scoop them up without frightening them by approaching them from the size.

With plenty of room for toys and accessories, this cage is a perfect choice for a small family of cavies. Add tunnels and soft bedding to keep your pigs healthy and happy!

To take your cage on the go or store it away, simply collapse the sides down and stow this unit in a closet, your car or against a wall.

Key tip: Female guinea pigs are precocious, reaching sexual maturity within a few months of birth. Female guinea pigs intended for breeding must have had their first litter by the time they reach 8 months old - otherwise their pelvic bones will fuse together, making it impossible for them to give birth naturally. Keep older females away from unneutered males, or get your guinea pig spayed to prevent any accidents!

Animal Capacity:
This pen can accommodate 2-3 adult guinea pigs

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size :91cm x 60cm x 66cm
Length: 91cm

Width: 60cm
Height: 66cm

Gap Between Wire:35 mm

Crate Dimension: 91cm(36")(L) x 60cm(W) x 66cm(H)

Fold up Dimension: 90cm(36")(L) x 57cm(W) x 9cm(H)

Front Door Dimension: 39(W) x 41cm(H)

Side Door Dimension: 39cm(W) x 41cm(H)

Top Door Dimension: 39cm(W) x 39cm(H)

Weight : 8.5kg

Price Inclusion

1 x Guinea Pig Cage
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name GUINEA PIGS
capacity 3
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