Dog Kennel with Bed Porch Deck

Dog Kennel with Bed Porch Deck

Black Rat Cage (Medium)

Black Rat Cage (Medium)

Two Storey Chicken Coop With Nest Box (Extra Large)

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Have you ever found yourself opening multiple tabs on your computer’s browser only to be sure that you get only the best chicken coop for your flock? Don’t be shy to admit. I guess it’s normal for us to do that. Nobody wants to spend his hard-earned money over something completely disappointing.

I know there are a plethora of selections all over the Internet, so I understand that choosing the perfect chicken coop can be very overwhelming and daunting. You need to consider this and that. And then compare it here and there. Urghhh! It seems like a never-ending process. 

That is why I am here to help. As someone who’s been in the industry for several years, I somehow got an idea of what people want when it comes to chicken coops. For that, I and the team behind Coops and Cages, decided to offer this double-storey chicken coop

Now, I know you might be wondering what makes this coop special. Constructed with high-grade kiln dried Fir wood, this chicken enclosure features a waterproof roof that’ll help ensure your flock is protected against sun and rain and a plastic railing in the ramp for added protection. Also, its bedroom floor has a vinyl coated floor, which is ideal to keep your birds cool.

Aside from that, it is very easy to assemble. By reading the assembly instructions and with the use of a screw driver, you will be good to go.

Key Tip. When transacting online, make sure you are dealing with legit merchants like Coops and Cages. There are lots of scammers out there who will take advantage of your love for your flock only to get money from you. Hence, beware.

  • Constructed with High-Grade Kiln Dried Fir Wood
  • Waterproof Green Asphalt Roof
  • Treated with Non-Toxic Coating for Water Resistance
  • It has a compartment with a ramp from the hutch to give your pets free space to move around
  • Has egg cage
  • Has 2 perches
  • Easy to Assemble

Animal Capacity: 
This chicken coop can accommodate 5 bantams or 2 hens.

12 Months 

More Information

Overall Size:190cm x 90cm x 160cm
Length: 190cm
Width: 90cm
Height: 160cm

Carton Size 1: 122.5cmx74cm x 15.5cm

Carton Size 2: 99cm x 83.5cm x 16.5cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Chicken Coop
1 x Assembly Manual

Capacity Name CHICKENS
capacity 5
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