Rabbit Bundle (Bowl, Nibbler Mix, Animal Bedding)

Rabbit Bundle (Bowl, Nibbler Mix, Animal Bedding)

Two-storey rabbit hutch with nest box (Large)

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Rabbits make adorable pets to their owners, they are also easy to take care of as long as you provide them the most comfortable and secure home they can have.

Pet owners believe that Rabbits are generally happier when they have adequate room in their homes. Perfect! Our new two-storey rabbit hutch will provide the easiest way to give an adequate room for your bunnies while making it easier to clean their home or to take care of their needs.

The hutch has two floors with sleeping and nesting area in the top and an open floor design for grazing at the bottom floor. It is constructed with an anti-termite and a solid fir wood material, a galvanized mesh wire and an asphalt roof for weather protection.

In addition, this rabbit hutch comes with a sliding tray for easy access when cleaning, a spacious enclosed playground and full lockable area for security.

  • Has an anti-termite, waterproof fir wood
  • Galvanized wire mesh
  • Easy access nesting box
  • Sliding tray for simple cleaning
  • Lockable area for safety
  • Spacious integrated ground enclosed play area
  • Asphalt Roof for weather protection
  • Easy to assemble
  • Contoured edges
  • Able to easily move around the yard
More Information

Overall Size: 171cm (L) x 66cm (W) x 121cm (H)
Width: 66cm
Height: 121cm
Length: 170cm

Box A: 17.2 kg, 108 x 68 x 17 cm ( L x W x H )

Box B: 17.8 kg, 82 x 67 x 12 cm ( L x W x H )

Price Inclusion

Package Contents
1 x Rabbit Hutch

1 x Assembly Kit

1 x Assembly Guide

Capacity Name RABBITS
capacity 4
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