The Team

The team dynamic at Coops And Cages™ is the best within Australia. We have got our design team who have bring in all of the feedback from our customers (and co-workers) to work with the products and try to make them more durable, more appealing and all the while making them affordable and easy to ship. The web team is the heart of the entire operation that is Coops And Cages™ as they ensure that we are available to anybody online looking for relevant products, they ensure that we can provide an interface that is easy to use, up to date and enjoyable to look at. On the other side of the office is the content guru's, these guys LOVE animals and if we gave them the chance, they would turn the office into a petting zoo but the team looks after all of the blog posts, they put up informative answers to anybodies questions on the internet and they provide you with key tips on every product that we sell.

We are as much like a family in comparison to being a business team, as there are a lot of pet suppliers on the internet that provide a shop but do not have a personality behind the shop and our aim is to break that horrible mold!

The Products

Within Australia, there is not much confusion as to having business that try to offer a consumer products that will suit their kitchens, cars, office, laundry and pets. As we have found with a lot of these companies is they sell you the simplest products and will never update their prices or range and heaven forbid if you have a specific question about their pet enclosures or an after sales question. Coops And Cages™ ONLY supplies in pet enclosures, we do not sell I-Phones or Fridges, you ask us a question that we do not know the answer to, it is our job to find out about it. (This seldom happens)

Our products are ALL located within Australia to ensure the shortest possible delivery time to your door. We have ensured the warehousing team can begin shipment of products and have it out the door within 24 hours of you purchasing our goods, which other suppliers would still be looking for their inventory. We use Australian couriers who can get it to you quicker and safely, as we do not send your product into a van, a boat, a container, a truck, a sorting machine, etc - we have made sure all products are all perfect before they even leave our New South Wales based warehouse to get to you.

The Aim

Coops And Cages™ is pushing the boundaries around a very impersonal industry of pet enclosures and our aim is to become Australia's largest supplier and most trusted entity for pet houses. We do not want to start selling as many products because we know pets, we love animals and actually listen to what our loving customers have to say about their experience.

Give Your Pets Unconditional Love - Just Like They Give To You