A rat cage can be of great help in securing your pet rats and keeping them protected against potential threats. While there are many different types of rat cages today, do not be fooled into purchasing those that are sold at very low prices. You get what you pay for and you don’t want to waste your money over something futile. For the best cages, visit Coops and Cages.

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Rat Cages for Your Super Smart Pets!

Domestic rats are known for their intelligence and sociability, so you should invest in a rat cage that can house multiple pets as well as plenty of toys and accessories.

As rats have grown increasingly popular as pets in recent years, the market has become saturated with different types of rat cages for sale, and there are many different options on what type of cage is best for rats.

One thing is certain: choosing the right cage will help your bond with your rat, and keep him happy and active as the years go by. Here are some other objective criteria you should use when choosing a new rat cage.

1. What’s the right size for a good rat cage?

Good rat cages will allow for at least 60cm of space per rat, as these pets love to explore and run around. There’s no such thing as too much space; as long as your cage is secure and made from sturdy material, your rat will love it!

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2. What material is used in the best rat cages?

A metal wire rat cage is ideal, as it allows plenty of airflow and ventilation. Rats love to climb up the sides, too! Glass aquarium style cages are too stuffy and can trap toxins inside – plus they are difficult to clean, as you cannot dismantle them.

Wooden playpen style rat cages are also commonly available for sale and make excellent play spaces. Owners across Australia keep their rat cages in outdoor sheds, and a thick, sturdy wooden hutch may be provide better draught protection than metal alone.

3. What types of toy should I put in my rat’s cage?

Rats love to hideaway, and ideally your rat cage should have room for a bed. Tube tunnels make great play and hiding places. Ladders are excellent for keeping rats fit and active – or you can even add a few clean sticks from your yard.

The best rat cages allow for easy access to your pet, helping you to handle him and interact with ease. Try placing your rat’s cage in a secure but active location so he can see what’s happening around him.

We ship high-quality rat cages across Australia, making it easy for you to find the perfect new home for your beloved pet. No matter what your needs, we have the cage for you – just have a look at the many styles of rat cage we have on offer today.

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