Pet guinea pigs are definitely adorable and cute, but they can be a bit difficult to care for without an appropriate housing. Hence, guinea pig cages are created. These enclosures offer the best features for your pets – ramps, tunnels, and even feeders!

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Tender Loving Care: Guinea Pig Enclosures

A lot of guinea pig owners fail to understand how important guinea pig enclosures can be. Since a guinea pig will spend most of his life in his shelter, it is essential that you provide him with an enclosure that is big enough and supplied with the proper accessories and necessities.

Most guinea pig enclosures bought by pet owners are way too small for their piggies. When we talk about how big a guinea pig enclosure should be, size does indeed matter.

Guinea Style

Piggies are considered to be one of the largest rodents chosen as pets and yet their usual cage is only hardly roomier than housing their smaller relatives like hamsters and mice.

Yes, small guinea pig enclosures often use up vertical space in order to improve the living area and encourage digging and climbing. However, guinea pigs depend on floor space. Ramps may provide variety of movements, but guinea pigs prefer enclosures that offer enough room to exercise.

Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Background

Bring out the fun

A roomy and spacious guinea pig enclosure is one of the very basic types of enrichment that you can provide for your pet. Guinea pigs have a lifespan of about five to seven years and they can easily get bored and depressed, especially with the lack of movement and stimulation.

Just imagine yourself, spending your entire life in a walk-in closet. Boring, isn’t it? Even with irregular breaks, life in a tight, small room would be quite gloomy and lifeless.

Stay active in an enclosure

Larger guinea pig enclosures also provide ample room to exercise, greatly contributing to your guinea pig’s well-being. Regular exercise prevents your pet to develop serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and bumble foot.

Guinea pigs love to exercise on their own will and schedule. They become active during the day and some time at night, where it may not be convenient for you to let them out for playtime.

Perfect for little piggy

We all know how cute a guinea pig can be and that is why most kids love to carry and bring them home. However, constant carrying and too much noise can cause stress to your pet. A guinea pig enclosure will help your cavy less nervous whenever a stranger is around.

The playground offered by his house makes him relaxed and happy, thus resulting to a more cheerful and friendlier guinea pig. With quite a number of opportunities to express a variety of innate behaviours, your guinea pig will surely be happier and healthier as he enjoys his perfect house.

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful guinea pig owners!

Very Durable

"My sons love this. They have space for their pets now. It's very durable and the price is quite reasonable for the size"


"It's really perfect. It's so big and can house quite a few of our babies at one time. Super thank you!"


"We are loving our pen. Easy to move, fold away if necessary. Great for moving around the lawn or bringing inside. Sales and service when buying online was excellent and very responsive"


"Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Curtis are happily living in here. It is a bit too big for my babies but I think they like the extra space a lot. Might lease it to another baby soon. Great stuff!"

Value For Money

"Good quality product offering reasonable value for money. Service was excellent and efficient. A great company to deal with. "

Very Functional

"Product came in good time and good order. Was easy to assemble and very functional"


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