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Give your little guinea pigs the comfort and convenience they deserve with a guinea pig cage Perth that fits their requirements. Although most guinea pig cages Perth are sold at a very affordable price, do not be tempted to pay for them right away. Be sure to get yours at Coops and Cages because we promise you quality at a very reasonable price.


Guinea Pig Hutches

Majestic Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Carriers

24″ Guinea Pig Crate

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Guinea Pig Hutches

Resort & Run Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Resort Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Florida Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Carmine Guinea Pig Hutch & Run


Guinea Pig Hutches

Carmine Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Janice Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Jackie Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Carmela Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Meadow Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Silvio Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Paulie Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Bobby Guinea Pig Hutch


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Resort Guinea Pig Run


Guinea Pig Hutches

Holly Guinea Pig Enclosure


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Guinea Pig - Perth
Guinea Pigs Perth
Pet Guinea Pigs in Perth

Shelter Them with Love

Who said that guinea pig cages are never useful? Of course, they are! Since these creatures spend most of their time inside their enclosures, it is vital that they have immediate access to the things they need – water, foods, and toys.

But then again, finding the best guinea pig cages in Perth might not be as easy as you think. Because they are lots of available choices to choose from, there are chances of committing mistakes. Nevertheless, you can easily learn by researching and seeking advice from others.

From Dull to Fun!

Now that you know that guinea pig enclosures are important in the lives of your cavies, you should never ever hesitate about providing it to them. Without it, your pets are more likely to suffer depression and boredom.

I can’t always convince you to house them a rightful cage instead of giving them a chicken coop or a rabbit hutch. But maybe, by imagining yourself living in a room without everything you need, you would be able to tell how essential these cages are.

So as early as today, do your little buddies a favor. Save them from boredom by providing them with an enclosure that is complete with everything they need.

Caring after your pet guinea pigs
Pet guinea pig cages in perth
Guinea pig cages in perth

It’s Not Just a Cage; It’s Home.

I said it over and over. Guinea pig cages are of great importance in the lives of cavies. Apparently, it isn’t just a place for resting or eating. It’s also a haven for interacting or socializing. With that said, it is just right that you buy a good-quality enclosure at reputed stores in Australia that are capable of supporting such daily activities.

But if you are looking for a guinea pig cage in Perth, there is only one place I can suggest – Coops and Cages. As the number one online pet store in Australia, we always thrive to offer only what’s best for our customers and their beloved pets.

Though we’re basically a store, our aim is not just to make good money. All we want is to provide good products and excellent services to our patrons at reasonable rates.

Confused about what you should get for your little cavies? We’re here to help. We boast a friendly customer support team, who’ll try to respond to your every concern as fast as they can. Try us and you will see the difference!