If you are planning on keeping your pets in the backyard indefinitely or just during the night time, then you should choose an enclosure that is suitable for your pets. Outdoor pet enclosures provide a vast array of benefits for your animals:

  • Protection from the cold Australian winds both during the day and at night
  • Sense of security for your animal (as they get spooked and scared as well)
  • Keeping warm through rain, storms or the cold mornings
  • Comfort is very important to ensure a long and healthy life for your pets
  • The ability to move your animals location (this can save your garden or furniture!)
  • Privacy is a big factor, as even humans need time to themselves - pets do too
  • A pet house is a great start to training your pets, as sleeping location is obedience


It is extremely important that all of your pets have an abundance of space to play and run around in. But you will also notice that pets need their own space, just as we need to have our own spaces - such as bedrooms. If you see your pets sitting in the corner or going into a room of the house by themselves inside or against a fence or tree in the backyard, it is a tell tail sign that your animal is looking for either security or privacy. Don't think that this means they are feeling threatened or scared, as they might be cold or feel overwhelmed or just want some time to themselves if they have been out and about all day. The best thing to do is purchase them on of Coops And Cages™ pet enclosures, as we have got many sizes to choose from as well as great, neutral colours that will fit in within any apartment, house or farm. If your pet sleeps in their new house and they do not feel comfortable, safe or it does not assist you, please contact us as ALL of our products hold a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are happy and your pets are happy - then we are happy

At Coops And Cages™ we have got enclosures that are all around providing a space that your pets can enjoy themselves, while still creating convenience for you. Outside of animal enclosures, we offer products such as chicken coopscat scratching trees, bird cages with stands and even dog kennels.

As you look through our products, please know that there are a couple of very important benefits that set us aside from the competition:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE POSTAGE on MOST of our Products (Australia Wide)
  • Best Quality Assured
  • Price Competitive
  • Australian based customer service

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Remember, happy pets are the key to having a full and loving life and ensuring they feel safe is an important factor in ensuring that your animals stay happy!