To allow the population of your pet cavies to thrive, you will need to keep them in a sturdy guinea pig cage. Sad to say, with all the different guinea pig cages nowadays, it’ll be hard to decide which one is the best. Nonetheless, by purchasing from Coops and Cages, you are in safe hands.

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Guinea Pig Cages & Hutches: the Rules of Housing Your Piglets!

There are plenty of cheap guinea pig cages for sale out there, but if you really want your pets to be happy and healthy you’ll need to follow a few important guidelines.

 Choosing the right hutch for your guinea pigs needn’t be expensive or difficult, just read on for some tips to help you get started finding the perfect guinea pig cage for you!

Indoor Guinea Pig Cage Criteria

Guinea pigs are wonderful, docile pets that love to live in groups. Therefore, the most important consideration when choosing an indoor guinea pig cage is space!

You can ensure your pets have plenty of room or play and hide by purchasing a single guinea pig cage or an integrated split-level guinea pig hutch, and ensuring that there is at least 4 feet of space per guinea pig in the cage.

Choose a guinea pig cage with metal bars over a glass aquarium-style model, as this allows better ventilation and prevents the build-up of toxins. Metal bars also make it easier for you to hang water bottles and treats on the sides for easy access, but make sure that the base and any climbing surfaces are smooth – guinea pigs have delicate feet!

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Guinea Pig Hutches

Guinea pigs love the great outdoors, but these vulnerable little creatures should be protected at all times. You’ll find many guinea pig hutches for sale on the web, but if you will be keeping your pet outdoors be sure that you choose a sturdy, weather-resistant model.

A guinea pig hutch with a wooden frame, asphalt roof and integrated run is ideal, as it provides shelter and plenty of play space for your pigs.

Both guinea pig cages and hutches should have plenty of hiding spaces and toys for your pigs, as they love variety. Snuggly bedding and easy-grip ramps also make the perfect guinea pig cage accessories – rather than purchase a cheap guinea pig cage you can save money by making your own toys.

Ideally, you should use indoor guinea pig cages and hutches to complement each other and give your pigs plenty of new exciting experiences. Check out our superb range of guinea pig hutches for sale and get the perfect models to keep your pets happy for life.

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful guinea pig owners!

Very Durable

"My sons love this. They have space for their pets now. It's very durable and the price is quite reasonable for the size"


"It's really perfect. It's so big and can house quite a few of our babies at one time. Super thank you!"


"We are loving our pen. Easy to move, fold away if necessary. Great for moving around the lawn or bringing inside. Sales and service when buying online was excellent and very responsive"


"Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Curtis are happily living in here. It is a bit too big for my babies but I think they like the extra space a lot. Might lease it to another baby soon. Great stuff!"

Value For Money

"Good quality product offering reasonable value for money. Service was excellent and efficient. A great company to deal with. "

Very Functional

"Product came in good time and good order. Was easy to assemble and very functional"


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