A rabbit hutch is very useful for those who wish to raise bunnies indoors and outdoors. But because the rabbit hutches available in stores today have varying specifications and designs, many aspiring pet owners get discouraged from continuing their plans of welcoming rabbits. Then again, we at Coops and Cages are very much happy to extend a helping hand for everyone in need. Ask us now!


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Rabbit Enclosures for Your Wonderful Rabbits

Rabbits make a delightful pet for kids and adults alike. They are small enough to be comfortably held by a child, they are inexpensive (both the buying price and the feeding price), they’re quiet animals, they won’t bark at visitors and neighbours and they don’t live long enough unlike dogs or cats, so adults will not have the responsibility to look after them after the children leaves home.

Rabbit enclosures give the rabbits the freedom that they really want. There are a variety of sizes of rabbit enclosures in the market, but you should always keep in mind that size can mean a great thing.

A Rabbits Safe Haven

Having a rabbit inside your house is fine, but you still need to exert more effort in rabbit proofing your house to keep you, your family members and your pet safe from harm’s way.

Also, you need to provide daily maintenance to prevent your rabbit from soiling your carpets, floors and cushions. A few rabbit owners put their pets on rabbit enclosures in order to keep them in place. If you are planning to do the same thing, you should consider providing a bigger cage, at least four times bigger than your rabbit.

When in the wild, rabbits can freely hop around. However, in a foreign area, rabbits need a place to hide especially when they feel threatened. A rabbit enclosure is considered to be every rabbit’s safe haven wherein their every need is met – a place to rest, eat and feel protected. It also gives the rabbit the idea that he has a special place to go where he can feel safe from any danger.

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Go Outdoor With An Enclosure

Some pet owners have little time to do all the cleaning and maintenance and some just don’t want to have their furniture soiled. So, many people keep their rabbits outside in rabbit enclosures.

Outdoor rabbit enclosures are known for its easy maintenance and ample provision of a natural setting for every rabbit. Since it is a lot bigger than a cage, an outdoor rabbit enclosure provides your pet a bigger room to explore and a place to play. Outdoor rabbit enclosures also serve as protection from potential predators such as foxes and wolves.

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You Guys Are Awesome

You guys are amazing! Products are amazing and you's are always so quick to dispatch orders too. I ordered a pet crate on Wednesday afternoon and received it first thing this morning, so fast!

They Are Now Safe

Thanks Coops and Cages for supplying my bunnies with this amazing hutch! They love it and I love knowing they are now safe when I am not home

Extremely Durable!

"This cage is a good investment, the metal is extremely durable and it was really easy to assemble

Excellent Price

Great size of my three bunnies! Best price that I could find for a premium cage, I couldn't be happier."

Best Buy!

This was the best buy I got all year. I'm not big on assembling stuff but putting this together was a breeze. Best part is that my bunnies are happy."

The Features Are Great

I bought this hutch for my rabbits, love the extra features about it and the fast shipping, I would highly recommend this company for anyone with pets


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