Everybody loves free eggs and a Coops and Cages chicken coop with run makes keeping chickens easier than ever before.

We have an amazing range of superior quality spacious chicken coops with runs. Plus the added convenience of the DIY flat pack system makes installing them child’s play.

Easy Way to Feed your Choocks with the Chicken Treadle Feeder

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Chickens as Pets

Keeping chickens in your backyard brings so many more benefits than just a regular supply of free healthy home-grown eggs.

Chickens can make wonderful pets that will provide companionship and joy for the whole family.

Some chickens will keep you company as you work in the garden and chook manure is a wonderful source of nutrients for your plants and veggies.

Adequate housing that protects your chickens from the weather and from predators is essential.

But you also want to provide your chickens with the space they need to be happy.

That’s why the Coops and Cages range of chicken coops and runs is perfect for every backyard chicken fancier, no matter how many chickens you’ve got.

Attached Coop Runs

It’s vital that chickens get time outside so they can follow normal chicken behaviours.

Time in the fresh air and sunlight helps maintain their health and wellbeing.

Our chicken coops with attached runs allow chickens to move around outside in perfect safety and freedom.

Some of our runs are detachable so you can move the run to different areas of the backyard.

This means your chickens can have fresh ground to forage on and it prevents any one area being dug over too much.

The Coops and Cages chicken coops with attached runs will provide:

  • Protection from predators and pests
  • Comfortable nesting space and perches
  • Waterproof shelter and ventilation
  • Easy access for cleaning and collecting eggs
Carmine Rabbit Hutch and Run
Strong Galvanised Wire Mesh Keeps your Pets Safe
Rear View of Carmine and Run
Chicken Coops Come Flat Packed Ready To Assemble
Flat Pack Chicken Coops

Flat Pack – DIY Kits

Plus all our coops and runs come in really convenient, easy to assemble flat packs.

Assembly is really easy and very quick. You’ll need only a few basic tools. Instructions are included.

Tough high quality materials and hardware mean your coop will last for years and includes:

  • Rot resistant fir timber—real durability even in the wettest climates
  • Non-toxic water-based stain–safe for chickens and your children
  • Sturdy hinges, handles, and screws that won’t rust
  • Solid asphalt roof–keeps the rain out and is cooler in summer

Our flat packs are really compact packages to cut down on delivery costs. And we can send our coop packs to all states Australia wide.

Large Coop with Run

A large chicken coop with a run is perfect if you want to keep 8 or more chickens.

Not only do our largest coops with runs provide more spacious nesting and perching areas but they also provide really generous outdoor space where you chickens can roam in absolute safety.

Large runs with walk-in doors also make cleaning and access so much easier for you.

The large chicken run can be attached to the Somerzby Homestead or Estate chicken coops.

Our large runs can also be used as a standalone run for really flexible functionality.

Measuring L300cm x H140cm x W164cm it features 2 large access doors.

Other features include:

  • Water based stain – safe for chickens and children
  • Tough Fir wood – dependable rot resistance
  • Galvanised wire mesh – keeps the mosquitoes and flies out
  • Snake and mouse proof – prevents all predator access

Joining two or more large runs together is also an option if you need even more space.

Somerzby Homestead Chicken Coop

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All Somerzby chicken coops come with nesting boxes

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What’s The Best Chicken Coop & Run?

Choosing which is the best chicken run with coop depends on how many chickens you are keeping, the size of your backyard and how often you can let them out to forage free range.

Look for a coop that has ample nesting box space that is appropriate for the number of chickens you wish to keep.

Chickens are social birds and are quite happy to nestle in with each other.

For example, if you plan on housing four or five hens a good sized nesting box should measure around 300mm square.

Coops with nesting boxes off the ground offer real benefits for your chickens and for you.

Elevated coops provide better ventilation, reduce dampness form the ground and make it easier for you to collect eggs and clean the coop.

Coop & Run – 4 Chickens

The Carmine chicken coop & run offers the ideal accommodation for 4 chickens.

Two nesting boxes, two roosting poles, waterproof asphalt roof, slide out metal tray for cleaning and predator proof wire mesh are just some of the features that make this a special hen house.

The coop measures L88cm x W138cm x H101cm and Run adds another L98cm x W97cm x H90cm.

Remember to let your chickens out for a daily run.


Coop & Run – 6 Chickens

Resort & Run is the perfect choice for housing 6 chickens, combining a spacious coop with a 200cm long extension run.

The run is detachable and offers you the freedom to move the run to different parts of your garden.

  • 2 colour options – stylish grey or classic red.
  • Water based non toxic stain on rot resistant fir wood
  • Water proof asphalt roof
  • Predator proof galvanised wire mesh
  • Metal pull out tray for easy cleaning

Coop & Run – 8 Chickens

The Estate Chicken Coop & Run over at Somerzby is ideal for housing 8 chickens.

The coop is a generous 2570mm x 1670mm x 1010mm and the run adds another L3000mm x H1400mm x W1640mm.

The Estate coop features include:

  • Rot resistant Fir wood and water based non toxic stain
  • Water proof asphalt roof
  • Galvanised mesh wire
  • Large door to run
  • Metal pull out tray for easy cleaning

It’s important to allow your chickens out for a daily run no matter how large your coop and run is.

Somerzby Estate Chicken Coop and Run package
Somerzby Estate Chicken Coop and Run showing nesting box
Somerzby Estate Chicken Coop and Run showing chicken roosting perch
Somerzby Estate Chicken Coop and Run showing interior
High Quality Metal Mesh For Your Pets Protection
Cabana Run Somerzby Pet Products
Cabana Run Features Side Opening Door For Easy Access
Cabana with run with strong wire mesh

Coop & Run – 10 Chickens

If you want to keep 10 chickens then Somerzby’s Cabana Hen House and Run offers luxury living to satisfy the fussiest chickens.

The coop features 2 spacious nesting boxes, easy access doors opening from the outside to the sleeping area for cleaning and egg collection.

The run is 2.7 metres long and the Cabana Hen House and run are perfect for 8 to 10 chickens if you let them out for a daily run.

  • House + Run: L3700mm x W1770mm x H1720mm
  • House area: L1000mm x W1770mm x H1720mm
  • Run area: L2700mm x W950mm x H1270mm
  • Large door to run: H1270mm

The Cabana coop and run features heavy-duty galvanised mesh to keep your hens safe from foxes, snakes, rodents, cats and dogs and provide excellent ventilation.

For Sale

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We offer a number of super convenient ways to pay including:

  • Visa/Mastercard
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Our online shopping is 100% secure and don’t forget you’re protected by our money back guarantee if you have any issues.

Cottage Coop with Bantam Chickens