Rabbits need a very wide space to hop around. Without it, they might suffer from complications. That is the primary reason why rabbit runs are created. If you like to buy a rabbit run that perfectly suits the space requirements of your bunnies, feel free to ask the team at Coops and Cages.


Let Your Rabbits Enjoy a Rabbit Run

Rabbits make adorable domestic pets and they can be enjoyable both outdoors and indoors. After all, the outside world is every rabbit’s natural habitat in which their predecessors roam effortlessly in the past.

Despite their wild side, domesticated rabbits need to have a secure place whenever they are roaming away outside. The rabbit run is the best tool that can provide the required security that will definitely protect your rabbits from potential predators.

Run from accidents with your rabbit

Just like any other pets, taking care of a rabbit involves making him feel comfortable and happy throughout his entire life. This means that you can show your love for your pet in many ways and one way is by letting your rabbit stay out in a few hours.

Rabbits do feel bored when being kept inside for a few days. They also need to stay out and breathe some fresh air. However, you just can’t let them roam around the backyard! Accidents and unpredictable things can happen.

That is why a rabbit run is needed. A rabbit run does not only give your pet the chance to enjoy being outside, but also giving them the sense of security from all the dangerous factors.

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Keep your rabbits happy

Backyard rabbit runs are usually designed with wire-type fencing. This is ideal to keep predators away from your rabbit. Although rabbit runs can be a safe place for your domesticated pet, constant guidance and vigilance is still important as your rabbit may find a way to stay out of it.

It is important that you do not only focus on your pet’s security but also his happiness and health. There are quite a number of rabbit runs for sale which includes a little playpen for your rabbit. This will stand as your pet’s playground and a place where he can practice being a “wild” rabbit in a natural setting.

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Great size of my three bunnies! Best price that I could find for a premium cage, I couldn't be happier."

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This was the best buy I got all year. I'm not big on assembling stuff but putting this together was a breeze. Best part is that my bunnies are happy."

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I bought this hutch for my rabbits, love the extra features about it and the fast shipping, I would highly recommend this company for anyone with pets


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