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Cat enclosures can provide your cat with a spacious and safe outdoor environment that is tailored just for them.

Our products include a range of spacious, safe and practical outdoor enclosures from the Resort to our largest enclosure the Castle.

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Cat Enclosures

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Why Your Cat Needs a Backyard Cat Enclosure

If you’re a cat owner in Australia, you should consider getting a cat enclosure for your backyard.

These structures offer numerous benefits, ensuring your cat’s safety and well-being. In this easy-to-read list, we’ll explore the top reasons why investing in a backyard cat enclosure is a wise choice for every Australian cat owner.

Safety First:

Want a safe outdoor space for your cat in the backyard? Australia’s wildlife, like snakes and spiders, can pose serious risks to outdoor cats.

Enclosures act as a cat-safe space, preventing dangerous encounters, keeping your cat away from wildlife and busy roads, reducing the chances of accidents or injuries, and giving you peace of mind knowing your kitty-cat is safe.

Disease Prevention:

Outdoor cats and kittens are more prone to contracting infectious diseases like FIV and FeLV. These diseases can have severe consequences and are often transmitted through contact with infected cats.

They allow you to create a controlled environment, limiting exposure to stray or infected cats and keeping your feline best friend healthy.

Say Goodbye to Parasites:

The great outdoors is home to fleas, ticks and worms that can cause discomfort and health issues in cats. Animal enclosures stop your cat from being able to wander into pest-infested bush, minimising their exposure to unwanted parasites.

Mental Stimulation and Fun:

Cats are curious and intelligent creatures that require mental stimulation to prevent boredom and ensure their well-being.

Cat runs provide an enriching environment with climbing structures, hiding spots, and interactive toys. These features keep your cat entertained, engaged, and physically active, promoting a happier and healthier life.

Beat the Heat:

While some sunlight is good for cats, extended exposure to the Australian sun can lead to sunburns and heat-related illnesses.

A well-designed cat house offers shaded areas where your cat can relax and enjoy the outdoors without the risk of overheating or harmful UV rays. This helps protect your cat’s skin and reduces the chance of heat-related problems.

Increased Life Expectancy:

Cat enclosures provide cats with a safe, regulated environment where they can explore and play without the dangers of outdoor predators or cars.

Studies have shown that cats who live in an enclosed space are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and stay mentally stimulated, helping to increase their life expectancy.

Be a Good Neighbour:

Free-roaming cats may wander into neighbours’ properties, causing disturbances and conflicts. By confining your cat within a cat enclosure, you can prevent these incidents, promoting peace and a more harmonious relationship with your neighbours.

It’s all about being a responsible cat owner, demonstrating responsible pet ownership and fostering a positive image for cat owners in the community.

Bird Watch Opportunities:

Position the cat enclosure in a location that offers a view of the surrounding bird activity. This allows your cat to indulge in one of their favourite pastimes.

Cats love observing birds in flight, perched on trees, or visiting bird feeders. The sight and sounds of birds and other wildlife can provide hours of entertainment and stimulation for your cat.

Make Your Cat a Happy Cat:

To enhance the bird-watching experience, you can consider incorporating bird feeders, birdbaths, or hanging toys near the enclosure to attract birds and make the viewing even more captivating for your feline companion.

You can also install vertical elements like cat trees, shelves, or perches for your cat to climb, explore, and observe the world and their surroundings from different heights.

Outdoor cat shelves are elevated platforms

Practical Cat Enclosures by Design

Investing in a well-designed enclosure is the perfect solution for ensuring your cat’s safety, health, and happiness.

By providing a secure and stimulating environment in your backyard, you minimise risks and vet bills associated with outdoor exposure while giving your cat the freedom to enjoy the fresh air and the fun of playing outdoors.

Keeping your cat entertained

Accessories for your Enclosure

Here’s a list of optional accessories you can consider including in your cat enclosure:

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What Should I Put in a Cat Enclosure

Order a Cat Enclosure Today!

With our wide variety of cat cage designs, you will definitely find the right enclosure for your feline friends. And since most of our cages can house up to six cats, you will be sure that you can offer your litter the space they deserve.

Why search for other cages when we have only the best deals here? Check out our cat products today and see for yourself.

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful cat owners!

Best Buy

"This is one of my best buys for the year. Really love how my kitties are all over this. It keeps them occupied when I'm off doing stuff. Recommended."


"I house quite a number of cats and this is the perfect cage for them. I like this especially for traveling. Lightweight and easy to clean up. "

Love This Product

"I love this product! Always get worried about leaving my babies at home by themselves. Now I can easily take them with me . Thanks for listing this one. Oh, great price too!"

Cat Loves This!

"My cat loves this! Loves snoozing in the hiding boxes and used the scratchy posts quite often. I've never seen a cat tower as big as this, and the price point is fantastic"

Setup Is Easy

"With so many shops online, you simply just can’t buy anywhere. That’s why I trust Coops and cages. They deliver on time. They pack it properly too. Setting it up is not difficult at all."

Very Happy

"Who says you can’t buy happiness? I was able to buy this scratching post and my cat is very happy… of course you can buy happiness. My cat is very very happy


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