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Cat Enclosures can provide your cat with a spacious and safe outdoor environment that is tailored just for them. Our enclosure products include a range of spacious, safe and practical cat enclosures from the Resort to our largest enclosure – The Stacey

You decide how many runs / enclosures are needed by adding extensions onto our simple design enclosures so they’ll have endless hours of playtime exploring their new space while staying happily contented in your backyard.


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Premium Cat Enclosures for All Seasons

You can’t always allow your feline buddy to go around freely. When you do that, for sure they’ll be exposed to threats. At the same time, you can’t let your houseguests suffer allergies caused by them.

For these reasons, you need to get a durable and reliable cat enclosure. Regardless of what season it may be, may it be Christmas or just an ordinary day, you will then realize that this product is indeed of great use.

When looking for cat enclosures for sale, there are a couple of things you need to take into account. However, with our wide selection of cat cages, you will have nothing to worry about. Even so, we still offer you these tips to ensure you get only the best cage.

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A Cat Enclosure That Guarantees Security

Who would ever want to see their kitties climb the bed or scratch the furniture? We assume there’s nobody. Therefore, you need to provide her a durable metal cat cage to prevent accidents from happening while you are sleeping or eating your dinner.

If you are worried about compromising space, then you might want to think again. Our cat enclosures are so spacious that you will have more room for toys, food bowls, and litter trays. In fact, you can even allow multiple cats to play around in it.

For cat owners who love to travel, cat enclosures will be your best friend. Before you hit the road, simply let your feline in and let the cage do all the tricks. You will see that she will feel less worried about what’s happening around her.

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Caring for your cats

Never Make Your Cats Feel Uncomfortable with Our Cat Cages

The crowd can often times stress out your feline friends. Thus, keep them safe in a secure and cozy cat enclosure. When they are in, you can help reduce their feeling of anxiety and stress. By adding a dash of pheromone spray, for sure, your cats will find peace and comfort throughout their stay.

Nonetheless, we can still suggest a couple of things to further enhance their experience in a cat cage. The first and simplest advice we can give is to put in her favorite toys and pillow.

This way, she will feel secured. Second is to always stay nearby if she isn’t accustomed to using the cage yet. And last but not the least is to provide her with healthy food and a clean supply of water at all times. When all these are done, then your kitties will enjoy comfort and ease.

Cat Houses Made Only from Top of the Line Materials

Coops and Cages sells only the best cat enclosures in Australia. All our products are made from durable materials, which means they are proven to last. So when choosing an enclosure for your cats, you might want to consider us.

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Cat Enclosures - Coops and Cages

Order a Cat Enclosure Today!

With our wide variety of cat cage designs, you will definitely find the right enclosure for your feline friends. And since most of our cages can house up to six cats, you will be sure that you can offer your litter the space they deserve. Why search for other cages when we have only the best deals here? Check out our cat products today and see for yourself.

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful cat owners!

Best Buy

"This is one of my best buys for the year. Really love how my kitties are all over this. It keeps them occupied when I'm off doing stuff. Recommended."


"I house quite a number of cats and this is the perfect cage for them. I like this especially for traveling. Lightweight and easy to clean up. "

Love This Product

"I love this product! Always get worried about leaving my babies at home by themselves. Now I can easily take them with me . Thanks for listing this one. Oh, great price too!"

Cat Loves This!

"My cat loves this! Loves snoozing in the hiding boxes and used the scratchy posts quite often. I've never seen a cat tower as big as this, and the price point is fantastic"

Setup Is Easy

"With so many shops online, you simply just can’t buy anywhere. That’s why I trust Coops and cages. They deliver on time. They pack it properly too. Setting it up is not difficult at all."

Very Happy

"Who says you can’t buy happiness? I was able to buy this scratching post and my cat is very happy… of course you can buy happiness. My cat is very very happy


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