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Chicken coops and chicken tractors are among the few essentials in raising backyard chickens. Because they are a basic requirement, it is important that you get the right one ahead of time. When buying one, trust only the experts in the pet supply industry – Coops and Cages. We have a lot of options available for you.

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Get Your Flock a Comfortable Chicken Enclosure

Of course, when you decide to raise chickens, you need to plan everything ahead, from the breed of chicken to the type of shelter you are going to provide.

To start with, you must know that just like any other pets, chickens need a secure place to sleep. So if you are planning to build an enclosure from scratch, make sure it provides security and comfort.

If you are a busy type of person, of course, constructing a coop might be a problem as time would be a major constraint. Nevertheless, it won’t really be an issue as you can always get something that is ready-made.

When you visit pet stores, you will be amazed with the different types of chook houses you can choose from.

There are those that can fit an entire flock. There are also some that only fit a few birds. Regardless of what you get, the most important thing you must take into perspective is the comfort of your livestock.

Hens In Garden
Chicken Coops

Chook Shelters Provide Only the Freshest Eggs

Everybody just loves eating eggs. How much more if it is fresh and harvested from the yard!

Chicken coops do not just give your flock enough space to move around, flap their wings, and lay their eggs. These things also provide tremendous benefits to you as the owner. And among all benefits, the easiest and most obvious one is having access to fresh and organic eggs.

With such fresh eggs, you can do a lot of things. You can bake delicious and sumptuous pastries out of it or maybe cook it for breakfast as is.

You can even consume it raw. But then again, you know you can make extra money from it. You can sell it to your neighbors or decide to sell them in stores near you.

The perks don’t just end there. Since chickens are known as excellent landscapers, you will never have to worry about bugs and insects ruining your plants. They will just eat them up as they walk around freely.

Chicken Coops for the Best Pets

Compared to other animals raised as pets, chickens are among those that stand out. Aside from offering friendship and companionship, they are just simply adorable.

Although they do not purr, bark, or fetch, they are still capable of returning the affection and love you are giving in ways they can only show.

Other than that, chickens can also entertain you. Watching them running around the yard can already relieve all the stress from a hard day at work. So now, who wouldn’t want to have them as pets?

The Different Chicken Enclosures for Your Flock

There are plenty of chicken coops and enclosures available on the market nowadays. However, most of you would always opt for the most attractive. Well, here’s good news.

Most of the available chicken sheds are designed to suit your every need. Apart from that, they also make wonderful additions to one’s home.

Although buying something good-looking is really tempting, you must help yourself and check the features first.

Yes, it would be great if you can take home something that best suits your yard. But remember; if it isn’t useful, then it would certainly go to waste. And you don’t want that to happen to your hard-earned cash.

Chicken Enclosure With Good Air Ventilation
Four Chickens In Backyard

Chicken Coop Features to Watch Out for

There is no perfect chicken coop design. If there was one, the designer could already be very wealthy.

Truth be told, chicken coops vary in materials, design, and size. Basically, there are lots of factors taken into account. But if you are truly after a coop with a good design, here are the features you should look out for.

An Elevated Floor

Digging predators can be a problem to many backyard chickens. Once they make it inside the chicken coop, they could wipe out an entire flock overnight, which is really frightening. To avoid this from happening, the chicken coop must be elevated.

Water Drip Systems

To ensure you follow proper sanitary practices, every coop must have a drip system. This installation is now opted by many because of the many perks it offers.

Deep Feeders

Regardless of what you feed, it is important that your chook house has a deep feeder. That way, your flock won’t be able to remove the feeder and scatter the mash all around. Also, they won’t be able to choose which ones to eat, resulting in good-quality eggs.

Litter Deck

Also known as the poop deck, litter decks are best placed beneath the perches. This should be lined with old sacks so that it will be easier for you to clean this ever week or so. With a litter deck in a chicken coop, you can maintain cleanliness.

Chickens Inside Big Chicken Enclosures
Chicken Runs in Perth

Proper Lighting

When the nights become longer, lights become very important in the egg production process. This is especially unacceptable for those who are raising chickens to sell eggs. By having at least one bulb lit for 12 hours, chickens will have enough number of hours for roosting and sleeping.

Nesting Boxes

Ideally, every chicken coop must have at least one nesting box per 5 hens. It needs to be the right size and have a comfortable bedding to keep the eggs clean. Also, it is better if it comes with a roof to prevent hens from roosting or pooping on top of it.

Entry or Exit Doors

Sometimes, you need to let your chickens roam freely on the outside. That way, they are able to stretch their wings freely and have some exercise. And when night comes, they should be back to their respective chicken coops. So to allow this to happen, a chicken coop must have a reliable entry or exit door.

Be Wise in Choosing

You don’t have to be confused with all the chicken enclosures sold in the market today. As long as it provides ventilation, shelter, and protection for your flock, then you are on the right track.

But since we want to make it easier for you to choose, we suggest you check the different chook houses and chicken coops our online store has to offer. For sure, you will love them all.

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful chicken owners!

Great Buy

"I did not have any problems in putting the coop together. It is also very cheap with Free shipping and customer support answers enquiries so quick. Great buy."

Excellent Coops

"A great product and well priced - I have seen it elsewhere and more then double Coops & Cages cost. Excellent for my back yard hens during the day. "

Great Purchase

"It’s a great purchase and best of all I was able to easily assemble it with the help of their staff and easy assembly guide."

Plenty of Room!

"I have 2 chooks and this coop is ideal for them. plenty of room to play and move around, easy to assemble. Definitely worth the money!

Couldn't be Happier

"Couldn't be happier with this enclosure. We have fit 5 non-laying chickens in here perfectly, thanks again for your help and support"

No Trouble Assembling

"My husband and I had no trouble in assembling it. It has plenty of room for our 3 chickens, I couldn't be happier. I would recommend buying it.


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