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Chicken coops and chicken tractors are among the few essentials in raising backyard chickens. Because they are a basic requirement, it is important that you get the right one ahead of time. When buying one, trust only the experts in the pet supply industry – Coops and Cages. We have a lot of options available for you.


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Get Your Flock a Quality Chicken Enclosure

When you are considering buying pet chickens, the most important thing to remember is the need for a secure chicken enclosure. A chicken coop should be your first priority when bringing home chickens, especially if you plan to keep them outside in a backyard or garden.

It should be constructed from solid materials that protect against predators of all kinds and the elements. The chicken enclosure should include proper access for cleaning and maintenance as well as good ventilation and insulation.

Finally, be sure to give your chickens plenty of space – overcrowding can lead to poor health and even fighting among chickens, so make sure there’s enough room for them to live happy and healthy lives!

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Benefits of Chickens

Keeping pet chickens can bring many joys and some unique benefits to your backyard.

At first, it might sound like a lot of work but chickens are surprisingly low maintenance pets. They’ll clean up any kitchen scraps and provide 100% organic fertilizer – making them great for any size of garden.

Depending on the breed, they can also lay eggs year-round, providing you with a daily supply of fresh food that’s free from added hormones or additives.

Most importantly though, they’re great company with their own quirks and personalities, helping to brighten even the darkest corners of your day.

Our Coops are Top Quality

If you’re looking to add some chickens to your backyard, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of chicken coops on the market. However, we at Coops and Cages are proud to offer superior quality coops that are sure to keep your birds safe and secure from both predators and inclement weather.

Our coops are built with sturdy materials and thorough construction that is designed for longevity. We also have a wide variety of designs available so that you can pick the perfect one for your backyard or farm setup.

And with helpful customer service staff ready to answer all your questions, Coops and Cages has everything you need for your feathered friends.

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Chicken Coop Features to Look For

Chicken coops vary greatly in both size and design. When choosing a coop, look for these helpful features:

Easy Access

If you’re in the market for a chicken coop, accessibility should be a top priority. While an enclosed coop will protect your flock from predators, it should not come at the cost of convenience. Look for a coop with multiple large doors that allow you to reach into the perching area. This will make cleaning a breeze!

Pull Out Tray

Keeping your chicken coop clean is an important part of having a safe and healthy environment for your chickens. One way to make that job easier is to buy a coop with a pull out tray. A pull out tray allows you to easily slide it out and quickly replace bedding, without having to enter the coop or move anything around. 

Galvanised Wire Mesh

Look for a chicken coop with galvanised wire mesh on the sides. The galvanizing process stops the wire mesh rusting and helps your coop last a long time. Make sure your mesh has holes roughly 1cm squared, to keep out small predators such as rats and snakes.

Chickens Inside Big Chicken Enclosures
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Rot Resistant Timber

If you want to get good value for money, look for a coop made from long lasting, rot resistant timber such as Chinese fir. Avoid treated timbers – while they last a long time, they can be toxic to any animals that peck or chew on the wood.

Nesting Boxes

A good chicken coop should have at least one nesting box per 3 hens. It needs to be the right size and have a comfortable bedding to keep the eggs clean. An opening lid on your nesting box will make it easy to collect the eggs each day.

Be Wise in Choosing

Coops and Cages offer a great variety of high quality chook houses and chicken coops. We’re confident you will love them!

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful chicken owners!

Great Buy

"I did not have any problems in putting the coop together. It is also very cheap with Free shipping and customer support answers enquiries so quick. Great buy."

Excellent Coops

"A great product and well priced - I have seen it elsewhere and more then double Coops & Cages cost. Excellent for my back yard hens during the day. "

Great Purchase

"It’s a great purchase and best of all I was able to easily assemble it with the help of their staff and easy assembly guide."

Plenty of Room!

"I have 2 chooks and this coop is ideal for them. plenty of room to play and move around, easy to assemble. Definitely worth the money!

Couldn't be Happier

"Couldn't be happier with this enclosure. We have fit 5 non-laying chickens in here perfectly, thanks again for your help and support"

No Trouble Assembling

"My husband and I had no trouble in assembling it. It has plenty of room for our 3 chickens, I couldn't be happier. I would recommend buying it.


If there are any questions that you have about our products, services, postage times or putting the enclosures together. We have a strict 24 hour email response policy, this fast rate of response should assist your decisions.


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At Coops and Cages, we take customer service very seriously, so if you have any questions or worries, call us or e-mail us with any questions, or to place an order.

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