How can I get more information?

You will find more information within each product page, however if this customer support page and the product page does not answer all of your questions, please feel free to email us at:

Do you have a showroom for me to see the products?

Unfortunately, we do not have a display room as this helps us offer you prices that are lower than our competition and pet stores, while still maintaining such a high quality. All of the dimensions, carton items, images and other information can be found on the product pages provided.

Are the products delivered already assembled?

All of our products are flat packed (similar to Ikea) however, we have already put wire on the frames, assembled the roof parts, walls, etc. So all that is required for you to assemble the enclosure it place 4 walls and a roof together.

What are the required building tools?

There are some tools required (screwdriver, spanner or Allen key) to build the majority of our wooden or metal pet enclosures.

Are the products easy to assemble?

Yes, we go through a lot of product testing to ensure that the enclosures can be erected by 2 people very easily. We have had a lot of 70 year old coupled put our enclosures together without a problem.

If you feel that there might be an issue with the weight or size, please hire a handyman (or a younger friend / relative) to put it together for you

Are the enclosures fox, snake, cat and dog proof?

There has never been an incident where our enclosure have been broken into (this includes burying into the enclosure. However, if you are concerned or in a highly prone area to these predators, simply lay ‘chicken wire’ on the bottom of the enclosure (approx. $10 from a hardware store) or bury bricks around the base of the enclosure to deter digging predators or simply lock your chickens into the wooden house overnight for the best security.

Are the products able to be used with other animals?

Yes, you can indeed use the products for different animals. A lot of our customers use our chicken coops as cat runs and rabbit houses. Same goes for our dog pens, where they use them to fence off their gardens from kids, etc.

The box says a different product to the one I bought online?

This does happen from time to time, as we supply our products to pet retail stores and they request the advertising that they would like on the box. However do check that the dimensions are the same as the product you purchased online before contacting us, as our products are usable for multiple animals and the product is exactly the same.

Do you supply bases for coops and enclosures?

Unfortunately, some of our enclosures do not included a base but we do suggest ‘chicken wire’ as an easy to install and effective solution (Approx $10 from a Hardware Store)

Do you have additional photos for products?

Our product pages have a great array of photos, however if you email us via we will try and get some more photos and images for you (if we have any).

Are there any additional fees not listed on the website?

No, the price that you see on the website includes all expenses from GST (tax), shipping to your location, shipping insurance, packaging fees and more. So, what you see on the website is the final amount that you will pay upon checking out and paying.

The item is out of stock, when will it be available?

We never usually run out of stock. However, if we do, we estimate that the products should be back in stock within a couple of weeks. If you come across an item that you really want, simply click the ‘Check Availability’ button and we will email you as soon as they come back in stock.

What does capacity mean?

We’ve had veterinarians and farmers evaluate our entire product range based on the sizes of the most common chickens, dogs, cats, etc and outline how many should be able to fit ideally.

These are only a ‘suggestion’ as animals are not all the same size, shape or energy levels, so please measure your animals and evaluate the products before you purchase.

What are the exact dimensions of the product?

Within the product page, look under the ‘Dimensions’ heading and you will see the exact measurements for everything such as bar widths, internal compartments, external areas, etc.

Can I get an extension or add-on if I need more space?

We do not provide extensions for our enclosures, as being able to supply them for our vast product range would not be feasible. So, please make sure that you order the correct size from the start.

What is the weight and amount of cartons per product?

We have the carton weight (which will approximately be the weight of the pet enclosure), approximate carton sizes and carton quantity listed in every product page.

What maintenance is required on all wooden products?

If you are planning on leaving any of our kennels, coops & hutches in elements of weather, we suggest that twice a year you should apply a coat of deck oil or deck sealer. This will increase longevity of your purchases.

What ground type should we lay our enclosure on?

Concrete / Bricks: These are okay options, as it stops predators digging in and prevents wood rot but ensure your put plenty of hay onto the ground.

Grass / Dirt: This is the best option, but we suggest to lay some pressure treated lumber along the bottom of the hutch (50% in dirt and 50% above dirt). This will stop wood rot, help deter predators digging and help secure it to the ground.

Can I paint the kennels, coops and hutches?

Our kennels, coops & hutches will absorb paint but ensuring for weather damage and safety for your pets is the most important. Specific guidelines to painting our wooden items would be to use a waterproof and non-poisonous paint.

Is it possible to alter the product assembly or layout?

We do not suggest trying to swap sides of doors, nest boxes, not using stands, etc, this is because you are not covered by warranty if mistakes are made during the assembly when not following the correct instructions.
However this has been successfully completed by various ‘handy’ customers.

Is the wood termite and pest proof?

DO NOT: Use a termite treatment on your kennel, coop or hutch, as this can be poisonous to humans and your lovely animals.

The wood is manufactured under high temperature, meaning the humidity levels have created the wood to be less appealing to termites. We have never ran into an issue at all with termites damaging any products.

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