To ensure the safety of your pet ferrets indoors and outdoors, you might want to consider getting them a ferret cage. Although often used as a shelter, this enclosure can also be used for travelling and for recreation. If you wish to see the best ferret cages in the country, Coops and Cages is your go-to destination.

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Ferret Cages: Playtime All the Time!

Ferrets are fun-loving, cheeky creatures that need lots of room to climb and run. Your ferret’s cage, therefore, needs to be spacious, with plenty of toys and accessories. Ferrets are normally happy to live in a group, so you should choose a ferret cage with a generous surface area – 76 x 41cm is an ideal minimum.

The best ferret cages have space for distinct sleeping and play areas, as well as ample room for a litter tray and food dishes. Many ferret cages for sale are sturdy metal units spread out over two or more levels, which is ideal for height-loving ferrets.

Always ensure that your ferret cage has a smooth base – these pets do not tolerate wire-bottomed cages well, as their feet are not adequately padded to walk on them. Glass makes an excellent base, and you can always add a pane over a plastic or metal cage floor for ease of cleaning.

Your ferret can’t spend all his time in a cage, so you should also be prepared to designate some space in your home or garden for playtime. Many owners do not want their ferret running free-range around their home, so it pays to buy a special ferret run.

When your pet is fully litter trained, you can even put the run directly outside your ferret’s cage and let him run around whilst you’re at work or running errands. Some owners let their ferret play in a secure outdoor area, and there are plenty of integrated ferret cages available in Australia made especially for this purpose!

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Safe Ferret Hutches Reduce Pet Depression

Being intelligent, active pets, ferrets can easily become depressed and listless if confined in under-stimulating environments. Signs your ferret is unhappy with his cage include: lethargy, unwillingness to play and even aggression.

Prevent these symptoms by checking out as many ferret cages as you can, comparing the pros and cons of each. On this site you’ll find some of the finest ferret cages for sale in Australia, with many different styles and designs to choose from. Have a look at our listings and you’ll be sure to find the perfect ferret cage for your pet!

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So Much Room

"Love the fact that there's so much room. Use this for my dogs too when they're out in the yard."


"So Happy that I got this. Just what I needed. Thank you Coops and Cages"

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"Really handy and durable. Don't worry, it might be cloth but it won't break on you. Great buy."

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"My hutch arrived a few days earlier than expected I couldn't be happier seeing my lovely pets enjoying their new home!"

Prompt Service

"Welcoming this new addition to our home along with our new darlings. Went from 2 ferrets to 4. Thanks for the prompt service and reply too"

Easy Cleaning

"Tray at the bottom pulls out for easy cleaning. My brother got this for me and it's been a great blessing. Thanks a lot"


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