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Though a ferret cage Brisbane is often used as a shelter, it has other uses as well, such as to secure your little guys as you travel. So if you are concerned about their safety, you might want to consider investing in this type of enclosure. If you are having difficulties in deciding which one to choose, seek help from Coops and Cages.

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Improve Your Ferrets’ Housing

Ferrets have different needs for housing than smaller pets. An ideal ferret cage must have several levels and should be filled with toys and other things.

And since they could grow really big, the height of the cage must be at least 2 feet. That is only if you have one ferret. If you have many of them, you need to find something larger.

To make it even more unique, you can include more than the basic things, such as bedding, food bowls, and water bottles. You can even get creative by adding ropes, balls, and other things your pets can okay with.

Choosing Litters for Your Pets

Clay litters are very popular among cats, but they are not always the best options for ferrets. When wet, it becomes thick, which eventually sticks into the paws, eyes, and nose of your pets. As a result, it can cause blockage or respiratory system problems.

But then again, wood shavings are not safe as well. This is because they contain oils that are harmful to the lungs of your pets.

If you are looking for the right litter choice, recycled paper or newspapers is the answer. These materials are very absorbent, which means they can control odor easily.

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Look No Further! 

Finding a ferret cage should never be a problem because we’re here to help. At Coops and Cages, we offer a variety of ferret cages that suit every ferret owner’s needs. From wooden enclosures to wire cages, we have exactly what you need.

However, if you are concerned about quality and affordability, there is nothing to worry about. We understand where you’re coming from, so we make sure every product we sell is tested under various circumstances.

Also, we take pride in our exclusive offers, such as FREE SHIPPING, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and 12-MONTH WARRANTY. That is the reason our customers keep on coming back to us.

Is there any question you wish to be answered? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll do our best to help. Find us at www.coopsandcages.com.au.


Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful pet owners!


 "My ferrets were insanely happy when they first saw this. They kept running around and checking every nook and corner. Love it! Thanks for the great service. Will be buying for my rabbits soon."


ULtimate playground!

 "Man, this the ultimate playground for my cats,They play tag all the time and enjoy lounging in the cat cradle. If you want to keep your cat busy (and away from your furniture) don't hesitate to get this. "



 "We are loving our pen - easy to move, fold away if necessary. Great for moving around the lawn or bringing inside. Sales and service when buying online was excellent and very responsive."



If there are any questions that you have about our products, services, postage times or putting the enclosures together. We have a strict 24 hour email response policy, this fast rate of response should assist your decisions.

Customer Support

At Coops and Cages, we take customer service very seriously, so if you have any questions or worries, call us or e-mail us with any questions, or to place an order.

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