7 Hairless Cat Breeds

7 Most Popular Hairless Cat Breeds

Hairless cats are guaranteed to turn heads and attract attention. Their unique, bald appearance really makes them stand out!

Beyond the way they look, hairless cat breeds are well known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They love to follow their humans around and cuddle up together.

Basic Things To Know About Your New Pet Dove

Any birds like doves are best to be put in quarantine when first brought to your home. Before exposing your dove to handling, they should first get used to their new environment. To help your new pet adapt in its new surrounding, here are some basic and important information that you need to know. Newly […]

Best Dog Breeds For First Time Dog Owners

best dog breeds, dog breeds for first time dog owners

Nothing can get more exciting than getting your first dog. Imagine that cute chap running around your house begging for your attention. They could give you their puppy eyes and you will be under their spell. But getting a pet dog doesn’t mean that you would get the life that you have always imagined. We […]

The Best Beginner Bird Breed to Raise as Pets

bird breeds, beginner bird breeds

A lot of newbie bird enthusiasts mistakenly choose birds that do not fit to their lifestyle. Many bird enthusiasts choose a specific bird species because of its attractiveness shape, colour, or personality. You need to choose the right bird for your lifestyle and personality because every species has their own need amount of care, affection, […]

Why Choose Hamsters as Pets?

choose hamsters as pets, hamsters as pets, pet care

Among other small animals, hamsters are one of the most popular pets. They became popular because they are manageable and easily tamed. Here are the reasons for you to be more motivated in raising a pet hamster.  Self-Manager  Some animals get aggressive when there are guests at your house. Like dogs that bark and jump when there […]

General Guidelines In Feeding Your Hamsters

feeding your hamsters, hamster care

We commonly see hamsters with cheeks full but still, we want to provide them with more food. Even though they do not finish the food in their mouth directly, it is important to avoid overfeeding our hamsters. Hamsters can eat diverse foods, but in most cases, they only need dry foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. […]

7 Reasons Why Should Raise Birds As Pets

pet birds, birds as pets, bird cages

There are many good reasons to raise birds as pets. Aside from the fact that they’re pleasant to the sight, they are also entertaining to watch. However, are those enough reasons to welcome birds at home and raise them as pets? We’ll give you seven more reasons to do so. Read on. 1. Raising Pet […]

7 Basic Considerations Before Owning a Pet

pet ownership, basic considerations, owning a pet

Owning a pet may be may be a rewarding experience to us. However, such great positive effect of pet owning is also anchored by great responsibility. If you are planning to raise a pet, here are some questions you need to ask yourself beforehand. These questions should help you have an informed decision about pet […]