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Ultimate List of All Ferret Breeds

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Would you like to live with a curious, affectionate, playful, and sociable ferret? We do not only stock the best ferret cages but also knowledge about how to raise them, look after them and the different type of breeds. They also have long life spans and can be litter trained, making them easier to keep. […]

How to Choose Safe Pet Toys Properly

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Truth be told, buying pet toys is like buying toys for your child. There are things you need to carefully take into account to ensure you don’t get something that poses threats or dangers, regardless of how harmless it appears. After all, it is your fur baby’s safety that you are after. Okay, now we […]

Why Ferrets Bite: The Truth Behind a Strange Behaviour

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One of the most misunderstood things that ferrets do is biting. Biting is a form of ferret communication. Many ferret owners deny the fact that ferrets bite a lot because they fear the image of owning a ferret getting tarnished. All different animals, big or small, wild or domesticated, will bite depending on their circumstances. […]

The Signs of Pain in Small Pets You Must Watch Out For

The Signs of Pain in Small Pets You Must Watch Out For

One question every pet owner has is, “Is my pet feeling any pain?”. Though it is difficult to answer, sometimes our pets show signs that they are in pain. If only our pets can talk, then they can tell us what is wrong, but as the pet owner we are responsible for their health and […]

5 Common Causes of Ferret Hair Loss

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One of the most common health problem a ferret can have is hair loss. The correct medical term for hair loss or baldness is alopecia. It means that there is a partial or even a complete hair loss in an area that has hair. The locations of the hair loss area differs from each other […]

Can My Pet Ferret Eat Dog Food?

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While most ferrets like to eat dog food, the real question is, “Is it safe for them to share the dog food together with your pooches?” Pet owners with multiple pets living in the same house usually ask this question. “Is it safe for my pet ferret to eat dog food?” During feeding time, the […]

An Explanation to Strange but Common Ferret Behaviors

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Are you a new pet owner of a ferret? Is your new fluffy friend acting strange and you don’t know what to do or you don’t know how to react to him? As a new ferret owner, you may be troubled on why they do that. But we will discuss here on why they do […]

7 Perks of Living with Multiple Pets

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We talked about tips on living with multiple pets on our last post. Now, we talk about the benefits of living with them. If living with one pet makes you happy, how much more can a few additional pets will make you happy. Living with many pets may be hard at first, but if you […]

How Pets Make Life Better This Year of the Fire Rooster

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As a pet lover, there’s no denying that our fur babies bring a whole new level of happiness in our lives. Although there are instances when times get rough, they just manage to wake us up to a smiling face. So, for those of you who still don’t have a furry pal, you will be […]