Rabbit Hutch Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

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Cleaning a rabbit hutch isn’t something that everybody looks forward to. As a matter of fact, many thinks it is a really difficult chore. But then again, every household with bunnies must maintain cleanliness in the enclosures to prevent the build up of bacteria that may result in illnesses.

Well, rabbit hutches are not really difficult to clean. Thus, to make cleaning a fun and easy activity, here are some important tips:

Rabbit Hutch Daily Maintenance

Of course, you need to clean the hutch on a daily basis. This is done to ensure that the bunnies live in a clean environment. Hence, it is just right that you give at least a few minutes to tidy up the enclosure.

To start, you need to take your rabbits out and place them in a temporary pen that is safe. But when you do that, make sure you provide them some toys to keep them entertained, as well as food and water.

Once your rabbits are secured, the next thing you need to do is to remove all the materials inside the hutch. Get rid of any spoiled or unwanted food. Also, take out any fur and hay from the hutch. Take note that when taking these materials, it is advised that you wear gloves and place them in a disposable garbage bag.

Here’s a useful trick when cleaning the hutch. If possible, leave one small corner alone untouched. These animals innately mark their territories with scents. They easily become stressed whenever they are placed inside a hutch that they are not familiar with.

As you empty the enclosure, you can take this opportunity to assess and evaluate the health of your pets. Observe the amount of water and food they consume. Also, you can check the droppings that they have left. If you see anything unusual, then there might be something wrong.

Cleaning the Rabbit Hutch on a Weekly Basis

It is advised that you do general rabbit hutch cleaning at least once a week. But before you can proceed with this, you need to gather all the supplies needed, such as buckets, stiff brushes, gentle dish soap, gloves, garbage bag, and vinegar spray. Since the cage floor gets soiled easily, your rabbits are at high risk to health issues. And you don’t want your pets to suffer.

Just like your daily cleaning routine, you need to take out your rabbits first and place them in a temporary pen. Again, you need to provide them with toys, food, and water. And then, remove everything in the hutch. Do not forget to wear gloves and use a garbage bag when doing this.

When scrubbing the hutch, use a stiff-bristled brush, warm water, and gentle dish soap. If you find it hard to scrub the corners, you can use a smaller toothbrush. However, if the cage is made of steel, you can use a pressure washer. In addition, do not forget to scrub the drop tray.

To disinfect, do not ever use harsh chemicals. Experts suggest you must stay away from Lysol as it leaves residues that can be harmful to your bunnies. The best solution you have is to create a white vinegar solution as it is a natural disinfectant, which means it isn’t harmful to animals and people.

If you can’t find any vinegar, you can use bleach. But when using this, mix 1 part of bleach to 5 parts water. Next, spray it onto the hutch and let it stand for 10 minutes before rinsing. Let the rabbit hutch dry in the sunlight naturally. The sunlight can quickly dry the enclosure and at the same time get rid of any residue that wasn’t removed after rinsing.

Do not forget to clean the accessories, the feeders, and the water bowls as well. Scrub them with hot water and soap if needed. Aside from that, make sure the bedding is clean. Once the it is dry, set up the hutch and spread out clean and fresh bedding like hay.

Waste and Sanitation

When disposing the waste materials, keep everything in a garbage bag. And then, secure it when throwing away.

After using the cleaning materials, make sure you disinfect them, from the gloves, brushes, and the bucket. Just like the hutch, let these dry under the heat of the sun.

Lastly, you must also clean your hands. Wash them with warm water and soap. By doing so, you are actually reducing the possibility of spreading germs and viruses.

There is no right time or schedule to clean the rabbit hutch, but definitely, cleaning everyday will help your rabbits go a long way. So as early as now, it is better that you establish a cleaning routine. Find a time that best suits you. Throw away their droppings and sweep the floor of the cage. Eventually, you will realize that it isn’t really a daunting task.

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