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A Guide to Preparing Chickens for Winter

A Guide to Preparing Chickens for Winter

As the days become shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, it is important to remember your chickens have special requirements too. Although milder than a lot of other countries, the winter months in Australia from June to August can get quite cold. To keep our bodies warm, we wear warm layers of clothing and […]

What to Feed Your Backyard Chickens

What to Feed Your Backyard Chickens

A lot of customers first starting out with chickens ask us – How do I make sure my backyard chickens stay healthy and happy? Thankfully, my many years of owning pet chickens has provided me with the right knowledge to help our customers. I know that the best way to keep your girls healthy is through their […]

Silkie Bantams in Your Yard

Silkie Bantams as Pets

Silkies are a beloved and popular ornamental chicken breed. Named after their distinctive feathers, Silkie chickens are small, fluffy and friendly. The History of Silkie Bantams Silkies are one of the oldest purebred chicken breeds, originating in Asia around 750 AD. Their country of origin is debated, with China, Japan and India all claiming the […]

How to Deal with Mites and Lice in Chickens

How to Combat Mites and Lice in Chickens

Are you noticing signs of mites and lice bothering your beloved chickens? These pesky pests can quickly become a nuisance and pose health risks to your flock if left unchecked. Understanding the Source Mites and lice often find their way to chickens through other living species, such as birds native to your area, which carry […]

The Best Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds


Chicken eggs are a delicious and versatile source of protein, enjoyed around the world. From breakfast scrambles to decadent pastries, their culinary uses are endless. According to a 2018 report by the team at Particle, the average Australian consumes around 290 eggs per year! The rising demand for eggs has fuelled the popularity of backyard […]