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Creative Chicken Coop Designs to Envy For

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A chicken coop is more like a home; only that it is designed particularly for the needs of your birds. In order to choose the right one, you have to determine the number of chooks you want to raise and style that perfectly suits your preferences and fits your space. But then again, this does […]

Vital Chicken Coop Facts You Need to Know


With creativity and the right resources, of course, you can create a chicken coop by yourself. But the question is, “Is it functional?” Well, there is nothing to worry about building a chook house from scratch. As long as you have all the information and materials you need, then you can easily move forward. However, […]

5 Ways to Add Life to a Boring Chicken Coop


A yard with a flock of chickens looks alive and charming. However, raising birds in the city may be a bit of a problem as aesthetic challenges are always present. For instance, if you have an immobile chicken coop, there are possibilities that dirt have built up underneath it, which isn’t really pleasing to the […]

Chicken Coop Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Though there are plenty of chicken coops sold on pet stores and online today, some poultry farmers would rather design and build their own coop. For them, it is not just a rewarding experience. It also gives them the chance to offer their flock something unique, but still satisfies their wants and fits the budget. […]

Essential Chicken Coop Parts You Should Know

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You might be wondering why raising chickens in the backyard is becoming more and more common these days. Well, its increasing popularity has varying reasons. While some just love the taste of fresh eggs, others simply enjoy the sight of chickens every day. But then again, raising chooks at home is no easy feat. You […]

Quick and Easy Ways to Clean a Chicken Coop

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Raising chickens can be profitable, yet tedious. To be sure you go on the right path, lots of aspects should be checked, including cleanliness. Whether you like it or not, keeping chicken coop cleanliness is something that you cannot avoid as a dedicated poultry raiser. This is extremely vital to prevent health issues that may […]

A Guide to Choosing a Chicken Egg Incubator


Choosing a chicken egg incubator suited for your needs can be a tedious process. First, you need to select from a variety of models and designs to ensure you properly incubate the hatching eggs. And next is that you need to consider the price and the quality to be sure you are able to make […]

How to Keep Chickens Cool This Summer


It’s summer once again, which means the temperature is rising. With that being said, humans usually eat something cold or simply head to the beach to swim in the cool waters. However, it’s not only us who need to get rid of excessive body heat. We also need to consider our two-legged pals – chickens […]

Poultry Farming: A Guide to Raising Chickens

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Chickens are being raised by people for a number of reasons. While some like them as pets, others decide to raise them as they generate revenue. But regardless of the reason, there are always perks and drawbacks. Despite the unexpected goods and bads, people still invest in poultry and raise them for both meat and […]

Silkie Chickens and Some Facts About Them


Among all chicken breeds, Silkie chickens are the most popular and most interesting to watch. But do you know why? Basically, these chickens are exactly as they look – cuddly, sweet, adorable,and funny. At first look, rest assured you’ll immediately fall in love with them. However, they tend to wander a lot into other people’s […]