Afterpay for Chicken Coops, Runs & Pens

Afterpay now available for chicken coops

Afterpay for Chicken Coops

At Coops and Cages, we recognise that our customers want a wide variety of payment options.

We now offer Afterpay as a payment method when making purchases via our website. It allows our customers to pay in a convenient way that works for them.

Purchasing Chicken Coops Using Afterpay

Coops and Cages offers a wide variety of pet products, including homes for your backyard chickens.

Purchasing our chicken coops with Afterpay allows you to receive your order quickly without any hassle. Buy now, pay later!

Coops and Cages offers Afterpay on the following products:

Chicken Coops and Houses

Coops and Cages chicken coops and houses are all high quality and built to last. We offer a variety of sizes to suit any sized flock or backyard.

Some of our most popular models include the Red Resort, Carmine and Double Storey Coop.


Chicken Coops

Carmine Chicken House


Chicken Coops

Connie Chicken Coop


Chicken Feeder

The Coops and Cages Treadle Feeder saves your chicken’s food from rain and pests, saving you money. Purchase the Treadle Feeder using Afterpay to save even more money with no fees or interest!

Chicken Feeders

Treadle Chicken Feeder


Chicken Tractor

A chicken tractor allows you to easily move your chickens’ home around the yard with only one person.

This prevents overgrazing and damage to your lawn. Purchase the Holly chicken tractor using Afterpay and pay four fortnightly payments of only $57.50.

Out of stock

Chicken Coops

Holly Chicken Coop


Cheap Chicken Coops

Coops and Cages chicken coops offer great value for money. We sell high quality coops without the excessive price tag that many pet stores charge unnecessarily.

If you are looking to save money without compromising your chickens’ happiness, check out the Carmela, Holly and Tudor.

Chicken Coops

Carmela Chicken Coop

Out of stock

Chicken Coops

Holly Chicken Coop


Chicken Pens

A chicken coop and run package gives you the comfort of knowing your girls are safe whilst still giving them plenty of space to roam around.

Coops and Cages offers both the Carmine & Run and Resort & Run packages. We recommend purchasing either using Afterpay to prevent the stress that paying by credit card can cause.


Chicken Runs

A chicken run can be used on its own or added onto an existing chicken coop. It allows your chickens room to roam without compromising their safety.

Our affordable runs include the Retreat, Arena and Resort Run.


Why Use Afterpay?

The way consumers pay for things is changing. Credit cards are no longer the norm. Plastic cards are a thing of the past!

Consumers want convenient payment options when they shop online. They want the freedom to buy now and pay later without complicated agreements, interest rates or hidden fees.

Afterpay is the way of the future. Afterpay is rapidly growing in popularity as the most convenient and easy payment method. Around 15% of all consumers now use Afterpay as their preferred payment method when shopping online.

How to Create an Afterpay Account

Setting up an Afterpay account is simple and costs you nothing. It can be done within a couple of minutes all from the comfort of your home computer or smart device.

Simply go to their website, enter your details and choose a password. It really is that easy!

No need for long stressful application forms or waiting several days for someone to approve you.

You can either set up an Afterpay account before you make your purchase or create one at the Checkout when completing your order.

How Afterpay Works

Afterpay allows you to receive your items now and pay later!

You pay off purchases in four equal instalments over eight weeks. Pay the first instalment at the time of purchase and remainder every fortnight. Link your Afterpay account to your debit or credit card and each payment will be automatically debited.

As long as you make each payment on time, your purchase won’t cost you anything extra. Afterpay believes you shouldn’t have to pay a percentage of every purchase to a bank. No fees, no interest, no worries!

You can log into your Afterpay account at any time to check on your purchases and payment history. Afterpay will also email you your payment schedule so you always know what to expect.

How to Make a Purchase Using Afterpay

Using Afterpay online is easy, which is why so many Coops and Cages customers love it. Simply choose Afterpay as your payment option at checkout.

When purchasing via Afterpay, there is a $2000 limit on all purchases. This includes the cost of delivery.

  1. Add the item you wish to purchase to your cart by hitting the “Add to Cart” button
  2. Hit “Checkout” in the top right hand corner
  3. Enter your Billing Details
  4. Select your payment option as Afterpay
  5. Read the Terms & Conditions then tick the box
  6. Hit “Proceed to Afterpay” to place your order
  7. You will then be taken to the Afterpay website automatically. Enter your email to either create a new Afterpay account or login to your existing account
  8. Afterpay will instantly let you know if your order has been approved. Then you are done!

Once approved, your order will be processed and dispatched from Coops & Cages straight away. You will receive your order before you have even finished paying it off.