A Checklist for Starting Pet Bird Owners

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Getting bored at home? Thinking of getting a feathered friend instead of the common pets like cats and dogs? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll teach you some things to consider before adopting or purchasing a pet bird.

Before anything else, ask yourself. Are you ready for a new pet? Or is it your first time getting a pet? Perhaps getting a feathered friend is the right thing for you. Just like other pets, having a pet bird has its pros and cons.

While having feathered friends may be cute, charming, and hilarious at some time, they also require a lot of love and care. These birds might be a bit messy and they will definitely drive you crazy with all these squawking. But if you still would like to get them as pets despite the consequences, give a few minutes to read this article on what to consider before getting one.

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This is the first thing you must consider before anything else. Some birds live a long life, while some just a few years. This will also determine how long you will be responsible for your pet bird.

You can’t just get a pet, then after a few months or years you get tired of them and give them away. The bird you have may already be attached to you. Giving them away or just setting them free will just break their hearts. Birds have feelings, too. So if you think you are responsible enough for the long run, research first on the bird’s lifespan before getting one.

Fun fact: Some birds can live for 100 years and outlive you if they are given excellent care.

Time and Attention

The next thing to consider is time and attention. Ask yourself first, are you always busy? Do you have a lot of spare time? If so, then you can probably get a pet bird. Although some birds are low maintenance and you can just leave them there, that is not advisable because they are not decorations for your house.

Your feathered friend needs your time and attention. They are an intelligent creature and will recognize the hard work you have done to them. In return for all the time and attention you give to them, they can be your most loyal friend. You will need a lot of time too for pet bird’s maintenance like cleaning up the bird cage, preparing food for them and grooming, too.

One thing they need a lot of is attention. Birds in the wild socialize with other birds of their kind because they need attention. If they don’t get that much attention, then they might engage in destructive behaviors like plucking their own feathers.


Can you afford getting a pet bird? Buying a pet bird is okay, you can also adopt one if there are some. You will need money for the bird’s maintenance. You also need to buy a bird cage for it to stay in, a cage enough for it to fly from branch to branch for it to exercise.

You might also want to buy some stands if you want your bird to fly around inside the house. You can also make your own pet stand if you got the resources to build one. Obviously, you will also need money for your feathered friend’s food. One last thing you will need money for is for bills at the vet. Vet for birds is not really common, so they might be a bit expensive. Just be sure you know a nearby local avian veterinarian in case something is wrong with your pet bird.

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One of the important things to consider is space. Does your house have enough space for a cage enough for your bird? Can your feathery friend fly around the house enough for their exercise? If you want to own a small bird, a big space isn’t necessary. But having a big space for your bird to fly around is a big advantage for your bird to be happy.

Other Pets

If you already own other pets aside from birds and you want a feathery friend added as their companion, then there are some things to consider to have a peaceful and harmonious house with all your pets living with you. It is also for your old pet’s safety and also for your new one. Some animals act on instincts and they might attack the other one.


If you like a peaceful and quiet home, getting a bird is a bad idea. Even small birds tend to be very noisy. You might also want to consider your neighbors. If your houses are close to each other, consider asking them first if they are okay with a little noise from the birds. If your neighbors are sensitive to noise then you might want to rethink before getting a bird.

Now that you have checked on the important things you will need when raising a pet bird, you are all-set. But just remember that it’s going to be a long-term responsibility. Make sure you are up for the challenge.

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