How to Puppy-Proof Your House, Especially the Bathroom

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Who wouldn’t be happy when you got new puppies that are born from your own dogs or you got a puppy as a gift or you bought them? Despite the positive vibes they bring, having these puppies can be a difficult job and requires a lot of work. So if you want to take things easy on taking care of the new puppies you have, one of the first few things you need to do is to puppy-proof your bathroom.

An unsupervised and cluttered bathroom may pose a threat, especially to a puppy that wanders inside. He can damage or destroy some stuff inside your bathroom. And sometimes it can be fatal to your tiny pup.

In order to prevent such incidents, the best thing you can do is to puppy-proof the bathroom. Here’s how.

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The Toilet

Yes, the toilet bowl can be harmful for pups. If you have raised adult dogs before, then you know that they have the tendency of drinking from the toilet, especially if they were not trained or you haven’t puppy-proofed your bathroom.

In some news, puppies have been drowned in toilet bowls already. So to prevent this, be sure to keep the toilet lid secured and closed before you get out. And if you’re concerned that your puppy might be able to open the lid, consider investing in a child safety latch to keep it secure all the time.


Bathrooms are often the best places to store medications and personal grooming items. Then again, these things can be hazardous to a puppy, especially if placed on a small table or an open cabinet.

If you want your pups to be safe, be sure all medications are kept in cabinets that are high off the ground. That way, your puppy can’t get them. If you have an active pup, who can jump or climb up onto counters, it is a great idea to transfer your medications to another room of the house or put up some locks that you normally use for baby-proofing cabinets. Furthermore, things like shampoos, soap, shaving creams, and anything else your puppy can reach should be kept away.

Hair Accessories

If you’re a lady, you definitely have those tiny bobby pins, headbands, tinsels, hair clips, loom bands, and ponytail holders in the bathroom. Of course, they may be kept securely in drawers. But you would be surprised to know how these tiny items can find themselves on your bathroom floor. To ensure your pups don’t play with them, be sure to keep the bathroom floor free of these sorts. You can simply lock them inside the cabinets. Just make sure you installed some baby-proofing latches.


The cabinet corners or the attractive door hinges made of wood can be very appealing to a teething puppy. If your pup has this thing for gnawing or chewing on wood, take some steps to deter him. You might want to consider applying bitter apple spray (this is readily available at pet stores) on the wooden corners of the bathroom. Just to be safe, apply plastic wrap in all the corners. It’s likely that your little pooch will lose interest in chewing those areas, especially if they are covered up. Keep them entertained and chewing by giving them chew toys instead. These items are designed for your pups to gnaw.

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Typical bathrooms have a rug or two that might look appealing to a teething pup. Rather than taking a chance of leaving your puppy chewing up your rug (or possibly swallow parts of it, which can cause internal blockage), remove the rugs from the bathroom temporarily until your pooch is mature enough.

Believe it or not, rugs can also be a temptation for a puppy that isn’t house-trained yet. They’d prefer to urinate on such absorbent surface, than on the hard floor. If they notice that there’s a rug nearby, they are more likely to target it.

Trash Bin

The bathroom trash bin could be a favourite of your puppy because he will have fun knocking it over again and again, and then throwing the contents all around. He will enjoy tearing up the contents too, causing so much mess. If he gets into the bin, he might end up swallowing something harmful, such as plastic or metal. When that happens, run to the nearest vet. Do not compromise your pup’s safety. Temporarily remove the trash bin from the bathroom, especially if your pup enjoys staying there.

Electrical Cords

Puppies naturally chew on anything, and any cords within their reach may end up in their mouth. If that is the case, a pup can be electrocuted, especially if he bites into an electrical cord that is still plugged in.

Every after using, unplug hair dryers, the curling irons, and some other appliances that are no longer in use. If you feel the need to plug certain appliances all the time, make sure you place the cord in a place where a puppy cannot reach.

Toilet Paper

Nothing is more entertaining to a bored puppy, than rolling out a whole roll of toilet paper. If he discovers the joys playing with such rolls, he won’t stop, unless all the paper has been exhausted and cluttered. Stop it before it happens by removing the toilet paper from its roll. After which, keep it up high to make sure he does not have access to it.

Clothes Hamper

Are you the type of person who keeps his clothes hamper in the bathroom? If that is you, it’s a good idea to transfer it for the meantime. Puppies have this history of knocking down the hamper, resulting in the clutter of clothes. What’s worse is that they may rip the clothes up, and eat them. Believe it or not, swallowing fabric may result in a serious health risk as it blocks your puppy’s intestines.

Aside from all these puppy-proofing the bathroom, the most important thing you have to do is to keep the bathroom door closed to block access. Also, get him a reliable dog playpen or a durable dog cage. By doing that, you can offer a safe and happy abode with your new puppies.

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