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How Dogs Help Children With Autism


Many of us love to hang around with cute, furry, dogs with a soft, wriggling, wet nose. That’s why many families welcome them at home and love them as a part of the household.However, not many of us know that, having dogs in our homes have positive effects, not only to the adult members of […]

How to Perform a DIY Physical Exam for Dogs

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Dogs, like humans, need regular physical exams to stay in shape. However, since dogs age quickly than humans, they need more physical checks not once, but two times a year. Though learning basic first aid for dogs helps, nothing beats being able to perform a physical exam for dogs on your own.  Don’t worry, though, because you […]

How to Keep Your Dog from Begging Food at the Table

dog care, keep dogs from begging food

Okay. So you are sitting at the dining table and enjoying a scrumptious meal. However, when you look down, you see your dog with those begging eyes. You can’t stop yourself and feel pity. You eventually find yourself feeding him with table scraps.   Well, you can do something about it. You can actually keep your dog from begging food at the […]

Hip Dysplasia Among Dogs: What You Should Know

hip dysplasia among dogs, dog health, dog care

Ever heard of hip dysplasia among dogs? Don’t worry, we got your back. We’ll share with you everything you should know about this problem.  Although it is a very common problem among canines, especially in larger dog breeds, not many understand this condition. And unfortunately, lots of dog owners don’t realize that dogs can develop […]

5 Useful Apartment Hunting Tips for Pet Parents

apartment hunting for pet parents, pet care, dog care

When I finally decided to live on my own, I did not think twice about bringing my pet dog or not. After all, he’s such a lovable Labrador and he is my best friend.  I immediately searched through the classified ads and started to list down the details of the places that I thought were affordable […]

Top 10 Dog Care Essentials Every Dog Owner Should Know

dog care essentials, dog care, pet dog, pet dogs, canine care

Your pet dog is a part of your family. He is more than willing to give you a lifetime of loyalty, friendship, and love. So, in return, he will need your help with the basic stuff, such as water, shelter, food, regular vet visits, exercise, companionship, and of course, safety.   Well, to make your dog’s lifetime a […]

Parvo Versus Puppy

canine parvovirus, dog care, pet care, parvo

Canine parvovirus, or is commonly known as parvo, is one of the most common diseases that a puppy can acquire and can cause your puppy to have a bloody diarrhea and vomit, or sometimes even death. Parvo mostly occurs to unvaccinated puppies that are less than 12 months old, though in some occasion may also […]

Easy-to-Find Dog Foods for Dogs with Upset Stomach

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If you think that only humans can get an upset stomach, then you are wrong. Even your beloved pet dogs and other animals can get an upset stomach or diarrhea too. It is very common to dogs to have an upset stomach because usually they go wander around and eat some things that they should […]