Things to Expect When Bringing Home a New Puppy

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One of the memorable moments in life is the time you bring home a puppy that you have just adopted or has been given to you. At some situations, you might have found that stray puppy and decided to adopt it to be part of your family. The thought of having a new family member is one memory that makes it exciting and fun to remember. But having this new puppy in your life and in your care means there are things you should expect to happen within their new home.

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Having a new puppy or puppies if you really want to have more can be a big responsibility. It is like raising a child and you as their owner is their parent. It may be difficult to raise them but it will be a fun and joyful journey together with your puppy and it will be rewarding as he grows up to be a strong and healthy dog with an unconditional love towards you. And so, here are the things you should expect to happen within your home as you live with this little fur ball.

Your little puppy will be scared and quiet.

Expect your cute little fluffs to be scared and quiet and may stay in one corner of the room. This is because of the new environment he is on. It may take some time for your puppy to get used to their new home but let them be for the time being and eventually they will open up to you. It is important to refrain yourself and other people to handle the little puppy as he is still adjusting to his new environment and handling him will just make him nervous and scared. Just let the puppy get used to the people around him and to the new home.

Your puppy may have no appetite to eat.

Before taking home the new puppy, it is important to ask the other breeder or pet store or the animal rescue center on which you adopted your puppy on what brand of food they have been feeding him. They sometimes give you a small amount of the food they are feeding the puppy which is a great thing. It is important not to feed the puppy right away with the favorite food brand you want to feed him for he is not yet accustomed to it and his sensitive stomach might reject the food and will not be able to process it. If you really want to switch to the favorite brand you prefer and not the ones they use then you can go feed your puppy a small amount at a time until he gets used to it. Be sure to observe if the puppy likes the food or not.

Your puppy will poop and pee anywhere.

This is the messy part of having a new puppy, expect them to poop and pee anywhere. A puppy is still young and needs proper training as he grows up. Unless you have a big playpen or a dog cage for your little puppy then he will not be doing those things on your carpet or your floor. Training them will take time but it will be rewarding for the effort you have made over those time you have taught them. This is where your patience will be tested to the max and so it is important to be very very patient to your little puppy.

Your puppy knows nothing and what you are expecting from him.

We as the puppy’s new owner and his new parent will be expecting a lot from him, just like having a new baby, you will expect a lot of things as they grow up. As the pup’s parent, you will mostly expect him to be a good boy/girl and to be able to go show you some hints when it is time to go to the bathroom or even not to bark unnecessarily to other people and other dogs and even bite without any reason. And so it is our responsibility to guide them and teach them properly the do’s and don’ts. It is our responsibility to correct them if they ever misbehave. Most importantly, do not yell or hurt your puppy for making a mistake, for it can be traumatic to them and will result to bad behaviors in the future. So be patient and kind to them all the time. Just remember we humans make mistakes too. Just because we are superior to the puppies doesn’t mean we can hurt them.

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In Conclusion

Always remember that training them to be the dog you want them to be will not happen overnight. Over the time, your puppy will love you and will learn to trust you as they grow up. Just like a human parent with their child/children, it takes time and may end up with lots of failure but success will attainable as long as you set your mind and heart into it and conquer those failures and turn them to success. What is important is to make happy memories together with your puppy and enjoy the time together with them.

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